The Ultimate Guide to Hire a Custom Application Development Company

Hiring the right custom application development company could be a complicated and brutal process, and definitely it doesn’t have to be one. The goal is to hire a development company that is right for your company. When you underestimate the value of hiring the right custom app development company, you might land up with wrong estimates, vague reporting, derailed progress, wastage of funds, and so on.

To evade the same, you need a navigational menu or guide that would help you choose the best option from the market.

Let us check out the best ways to hire a custom application development company.

1. Trust Factor:

Even when you have access to a highly-skilled team, developing a custom application will definitely never fall in place in the right pattern. Anyone that tells you that everything will sail smoothly is definitely overestimating things.

However, this doesn’t mean that hiring a custom application development company will make things fall apart. The key is to find a development company that brings in a trust factor for the clients. In order to determine the trustworthiness of the outsourcing company, here are some questions you must ask yourself firstly:

  • Ask about the company’s values. Question what is their mission, and how does the team live out its vision?
  • Ask about the projects that didn’t go through and the reason behind them? If not, consider going through the reviews posted by the previous clients.
  • Enquire about a project with a tight budget that they managed with their strategies and tactics.

Understand the fact that no company would be perfect and has its fair share of mistakes committed over the years. However, you need to see the team’s strategies to overcome these mistakes and how well it worked for them!

2. Communication Pattern:

Clear and timely communication is something crucial for hiring the right custom app development company. Communication correlates directly to the application’s quality, progress, and timely submission. It is truly important, especially when this software/application builds the core of the business and its critical functions.

While communication was earlier an issue due to lack of technology, it has definitely been patched up with the latest in place. Today, an offshore custom app development company can communicate via phone calls, video calls, messages, live chat, and so much more.

There are several modern communication tools used by outsourcing agencies, including Skype, Slack, Go-to-Meeting, Webex, Google Hangouts, JIRA,, etc.

3. Costing:

Any onshore and offshore custom app development company tends to charge at an hourly rate. Now, you can freely estimate that the onshore company rates could be about 3-times that of any offshore company. Keep in mind that your country’s currency value would be the same for the company you hire within the boundaries.

The key is to find a talented team offshore within a country with a lower currency value as compared to yours. If you happen to live in the U.S., it would cost you much higher as opposed to hiring talent from places such as Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, or any other place.

In case you are searching for a pocket-friendly option, going with an onshore custom application development company would be the wrong choice. The key is to go with a reliable offshore company after proper research.

4 Development Process:

When looking for the right custom app development company, one must also understand the process to judge the company’s depth and hold over the domain. The maturity of the production process indicates the company’s expertise and experience.

Basically, almost every firm practices agile methodologies these days. So, the key is to dig deeper than the surface; this is particularly true for firms that tend to practice Scrum. Even though Scrum teams could be an excellent choice, the reality is the fact that inexperienced practitioners tend to use this space.

It is actually a framework with an under-skilled team that lacks good processes. A hybrid or Kanban process could be a better indicator of a rather mature custom app development process. As a startup or organization wishing to stay in the competition, you must also ask the custom app development company of your choice about their design, user-testing process, user-experience, development process, timeline, features, as well as cost.

Ask all of this upfront to ensure that the team adheres to the project management process. It would ensure that all the calculations, projections, and budgets are estimated properly.

5. Offers Comparison:

In your search for the right custom application development company, you also need to consider the offers being provided to the customers. When trying to boost your company through custom development, it is important to save up on money to aid the company in any worst-case scenario. Whenever you see a lower rate chart, you might definitely want to tap into that offer.

However, not all companies that offer a lower rate are trustworthy. Keep in mind that something that is too good to be true is definitely a factor you should place your doubt on. In order to avoid these issues, the key is to opt for a reliable company with believable rates and look for occasional offers to bag a sweet deal for your custom project development.

6. Talent Pool Analysis:

Last but not least, ask your outsourcing company about the presence of experienced and skilled developers in the field of your interest. It could be mobile apps, web apps, IoT, e-Commerce, or anything related to the software domain.

It is especially true when you need talented project managers, QA specialists, or account managers to take charge of your requirements and smoothen out the process for glitch-free development.


Apart from these important factors, you must also double-check the company’s security measures to ensure that your data isn’t being misused in any manner. Further, you can judge the company’s magnificence if they assure future maintenance and support to boost your business.

Selecting the right development agency is hence crucial to the achievement of the desired business objective. It ensures that the customers get a chance to experience high-performing, bug-free, & usable technology pieces.

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