The Ultimate Guide to Solar Powered Flood Lights Investment

The global demand for sustainable energy and development has been growing steadily, with clean energy getting the most attention. By 2021, the market for solar LED flood lights had reached a market cap of $6.36 Billion in the US alone. According to IMARC Group, this figure is expected to reach $ 12.02 Billion by the end of 2027.

The global market is witnessing similarly rapid growth, particularly in the developing regions of Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. The huge infrastructure investments in these regions are the main fuel behind this growth. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic created an even bigger field for its growth.

And now, it presents one of the biggest opportunities for modern investors. Green energy is our world’s future and is expected to keep growing.

5 Reasons Why the Solar Powered Flood Lights Investment Market Keeps Growing

  1. Energy Efficient

The world is in dire need of efficient and sustainable energy. As the imminent threats to the environment, like global warming, keep growing, so does the need for rapid solutions. Many consumers find solar powered flood lights more energy efficient when they need reliable security lights.

  1. Controlled Heat Emission

The heat emission is the number one cause of global warming, which keeps threatening human life. Electric flood lights are characterized by too many emissions, which is why they are discouraged. On the other hand, solar flood lights promise better control of emissions.

  1. Environment-friendly

Solar is a natural source of energy. Even though batteries are still used, their rate of emission and effect on the environment is negligible. Besides, modern batteries are designed with the highest safety standards and recyclability. Hence, it’s safe to say these lights contribute to saving the environment.

  1. Cost-efficient

The initial cost of installing solar powered flood lights may seem too high. However, the long-term cost-effective impact is clear. You will never have to pay for power consumption needs again. Even maintenance costs for the lights are negligible as there are certain things you can do for yourself. Compare that to the cost of paying electricity bills, and you will be happy with your investment.

  1. Long Life

Apart from affordability, durability is another feature that makes these lights a worthy investment. For instance, AvsA® Niudi’s products can last more than five years before you consider changing the batteries.

Top 3 Things to Pay Attention To When Investing In Flood Lights Business

  1. Choose the right wattage and lumens

Deciding how you will use your flood lights before you go shopping is crucial. This will help you to estimate the wattage and, consequently, the lumens you will need to cover the area. The more the number of lumens, the brighter your flood light.

  1. Motion sensors

Do you want lights that save battery when not needed? Consider investing in those equipped with motion sensors. They will only shine when there is movement, for instance, from your outdoor activities, and go off automatically when you leave the coverage proximity.

  1. Safety certification and warranty

Solar powered flood lights, like any other electrical equipment, can be dangerous. We recommend looking at the Ingres Protection Rating and other certifications to assure reliability. A warranty is also important as it covers manufacturing faults that could bring force you to spend more.

Why Choose AvsA® Niudi’s Solar Powered Flood Lights

AvsA® Niudi is a trusted and reliable solar flood light supplier. Its products promise the following features:

l High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

The ND-8800L, for instance, comes with 6V, 35W polycrystalline silicon solar panels. It’s a high-quality and durable material that efficiently harnesses sunlight.

l Recyclable high-capacity battery design

These flood lights are extremely energy efficient. The batteries are not only high-capacity but recyclable too. That means apart from the last many years; it can be reused in other applications.

l Fast heat dissipation and long lifespan

AvsA® Niudi is known for using the highest quality materials in all its products. All the solar powered flood lights offer incredibly fast heat dissipation with the longest lifespan. You can therefore enjoy an efficient energy supply for a longer time.

l High waterproof IP67

Ingrid Protection (IP) rating is a global standard for electrical devices dealing with performance and safety when exposed to certain conditions. AvsA® Niudi flood lights come with an IP67 rating, which is a high and reliable rating. It means they are safe for use, even in situations that may encourage accidental contact.

l Customizable (Brand Logo)

Imagine having floodlights that you can customize in whatever way you wish. That is what the AvsA® Niudi solar powered flood lights promise. You can use your brand logo on the lights as part of your marketing campaign. It saves you money.


AvsA® Niudi has been offering high-quality and reliable solar powered flood lights for many years. It’s among the leading manufacturers on the market with a long history of customer satisfaction. Every piece is made from composite material, solar-powered and wire-free.

Reach out today if you have any questions or concerns about solar powered flood lights. A friendly customer support team is waiting to hear from you.

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