The Ultimate Guide To The Universe Of Metaverse Marketing

In today’s world, we see innovations previously unthinkable by our ancestors. The advancements in technology are jaw-dropping. One of these mind-blowing innovations is the metaverse. Over the last few months, the talk of metaverse has taken over the Internet ubiquitously, so much that Google searches of the keyword “metaverse” saw a steel incline of 72 per cent.

That’s not it. People are not just talking more about it, but private capital and sectors are investing more in the metaverse too. In 2022, virtual reality revenues are expected to climb up to 6.7 billion US dollars. As virtual reality and augmented reality takes off more rapidly than ever before, marketers have started inclining toward metaverse marketing as their main marketing technique.

Why Should Businesses Transition To Metaverse Marketing?

Technology progresses every passing day and so does the future of marketing. As metaverse keeps bringing incredible value to markets as the new computing platform, switching to metaverse marketing is the best decision you can make for your brand in 2022. Get this, the metaverses are basically virtual universes that merge the reality with a virtual world. This universe expands more and more with every new user jumping into it. And as more users jump into this innovative universe, marketing strategies become more promising.

Moreover, the age of digital dependency has deeply consumed us all so much that our behaviours, as consumers, have switched up. This transition to the digital world might have spiked during the pandemic situation but has now been absorbed in our daily lives. The metaverse is a physical and digital universe that makes shopping, working,  playing, and learning much more exciting with its innovative techniques. Hence, now is the best time to advertise online for marketing in the metaverse. If you are still confused about metaverse marketing, knowing the statistics and examples will surely convince you in its favour.

Some Examples Of Companies Successfully Marketing Through The Metaverse

There is no better way of targeting millennials and Gen Z than through the fascinating metaverse. Many famous brands have already taken on the initiative and have successfully boosted their sales and marketing impressively.

  • The world-famous brand Gucci released its exclusive pair of sneakers on Gucci virtual in March 2021 followed by the launch of Gucci Garden in Roblox. Users can purchase Gucci pieces in the garden while intermingling with one another.
  • The famous Travis Scott concert in Fortnite gets the honorary mention here. More than 45.8 million people watched Travis Scott in 2020.
  • ·Users enter the virtual store of Balenciaga in the game Afterworld: the Age of Tomorrow, a game dropped by Balenciaga.
  • Hyundai also jumped on the bandwagon successfully with its launch of Mobility Adventure, a space on Roblox that displayed Hyundai Motor’s products and future mobility solutions.
  • The most popular example of brands using metaverse successfully and boosting sales rapidly is Nike. RTFTK collaborated with popular teenage artists to sell real sneakers merged with digital sneakers, selling up to 600 pairs and NFTs in under six minutes. Nike made a profit of 3.1 million US dollars in six minutes!

 Gets you thinking, doesn’t it? 

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