The Ultimate Variety of BMT Tool Holders at Global CNC Industries

The use of CNC machines in industries has increased over the years. Industries are now adopting newer technologies and processes to improve their manufacturing efficiency. One such technology is BMT tooling. If you’re planning to set up a CNC machine, then you must have an idea about the different types of tool holders available. But what are tool holders, and how do they work? In this blog, we shall tell you all about the different types of tool holders—driven and static—and how they can benefit your business.

BMT Tooling in CNC Machines

– BMT tooling is a standard system for turning centers with over 50,000 machines using the system. BMT toolholders are available from major machine manufactures including WTO, Benz, Gerardi, Kintek and Eppinger Fastlock. These tool holders provide versatile and secure gripping for a wide range of materials and sizes. They are designed for clockwise and counter-clockwise revolving of the spindle as well as multi-grip configurations to accommodate different turning operations.

– Eppinger’s Fastlock bmt makes tool change four times faster with a 75% reduction in downtime without sacrificing rigidity. Tool holders are available with or without coolant capabilities. The choice of bmt toolholder depends on the type of material being processed and the desired precision. 

– Overall, bmt tooling is a cost-effective way to ensure high-quality turning outcomes no matter the size or scope of your CNC project

Driven & Static Tool Holder

Global CNC Industries is a leading manufacturer of driven and static tool holders from leading brands like WTO, Benz, Gerardi, Kintek, and Johan.

Tool holders are available for all major machine makes and models from WTO, Benz, Gerardi, and Kint. The tool holders manufactured by Global CNC industries are made from 16 MnCr and nitrided to 800 HV 10 nitriding hardness depth 0.5mm. They have excellent wear resistance and maximum stability. Additionally, they help reduce torque and friction. Heimatec GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of tool holders with their range of products catering to diverse requirements for CNC lathes, quick-change tooling systems, CNC machines, tool turret systems, high-rigidity tooling systems and standard. 

They offer a wide variety of options such as straight-pull drawbore tools, magnetic slots tools, straight-pull R&P tools with or without collet inserts and more. Their products are highly useful in machining industries across the world.

BMT driven tool holder

BMT tool holders are designed to ensure that screws can be quickly changed in between tasks without disrupting production. They are available from leading manufacturers such as WTO, Benz, Gerardi, and Kintek. Eppinger FastLock BMT tool holder allows for faster tool changes with a single screw, resulting in shorter downtime and increased productivity. Static tool holders for VDI & BMT turrets are also available ranging from 2 mm – 50 mm in size. These tool holders are perfect for applications where precision is critical and tool change is fast-paced. Plus, they ensure that screws can be easily replaced when needed.

BMT static tool holder

BMT static tool holders offer a wide range of tools from precision boring bar holders with external or internal cooling lubricant supply. They are perfect for machine tooling such as lathes and machining centers, allowing users to quickly and efficiently perform repetitive tasks. They are available in various lengths, diameters, and thread pitches to suit different applications. BMT’s driven tool holders are also versatile and suitable for use with a variety of lathe turrets. These tool holders feature precision machined geometry that ensures precise alignment and smooth movement of the tool during operation. In addition to their versatility, driven tool holders allow users to easily change between different types of tools without having to disengage the chuck or dismount the work piece.

BMT-45/55/65/75 Tool Holder CNC Lathe Precision Mini Metal Lathe Multifunctional Bench Wood Lathe Metalworking Tools are designed to simplify metalwork tasks and improve productivity. All of the tools in the holder can be replaced with a single hand by simply rotating the turret until the desired tool is facing upwards. This helps make the job easier and more efficient for both novice and experienced users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a BMT tool holder?

Using a BMT tool holder has several benefits that make them an ideal choice for machining operations. Firstly, BMT tool holders are pre-set in-house, and are therefore ready to use in the machine without requiring any additional setup or calibration. In addition, the bearings are adapted to the stress of the tool holder, ensuring optimal performance and reliable operation. 

Furthermore, the tools used for BMT tool holders are subjected to strict quality testing, and all holders come with a related certificate of authenticity. This guarantees consistent performance and long-term durability. 

Moreover, rapid production is achievable with BMT tool holders due to their efficient design. They also provide a wide range of toolturrets and tooling options from a single source, which makes them even more attractive as they save time and cost associated with sourcing multiple parts.

What are the different types of tool holders?

Tool holders come in different types and varieties, such as 16 MnCr tool holders which have been nitrided to 800 HV 10. The nitriding hardness depth for these tool holders is 0.5mm with a clamping range from 2mm-50mm and are suitable for both VDI & BMT turrets.

Multiple boring bar holders are available for machining on the main and sub spindle, as well as endmill cutter holders and multiple boring bar toolholders. Tool holders with external or internal cooling lubricant supply are also available. 

Overall, there is a wide selection of tool holders available depending on the specific needs of your project and its machining requirements.

What are three tool holders and state the purpose of each?

CNC machining uses three main tool holders to provide a secure grip on the tool shank, absorb vibration from the tool, and efficiently hold cutting tools in place during high speed machining operations. These three tool holders are collet holders, end mill holders, and drill chucks. 

Collet holders securely hold tool shanks for extended periods of time and absorb vibrations from the tool. End mill holders are specially designed to securely hold cutting tools in place during high speed machining operations. Lastly, drill chucks are used for clamping drills when drilling holes in materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

What is BMT tool holder?

BMT (Base Mounted Turret) Lathe Tool Holders are precision tool holders for turret turning machines. These tool holders are designed to fit all major machine makes and models and come from leading manufacturers. They can be used in conjunction with toolturrets and tooling for rapid production. 

One of the most popular BMT tool holders is the EXSYS Eppinger Fastlock BMT – a one-screw system that is four times faster than traditional tool changing methods. This system is known for its precision and dependability, making it a great option for those looking to quickly change tools on their turret lathes.


The tool holders from Global CNC Industries are the ultimate solution for machining high-quality components in minimal time. They are designed to perfectly fit your CNC machine and enhance its functionality. They can be used with a wide range of cutting tools including drills, milling cutters, and more. Their lightweight design makes them easy to handle and use. Moreover, they are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand tough conditions. Check out our range of tool holders today and enjoy the benefits of using them!

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