The Winning Formula: Leveraging Business Gas to Fuel Your Path to Success


Depending on the type of organisation, gas is used to generate electricity and heat in businesses. With the rising gas prices, businesses need to find ways to use gas more efficiently. There are various methods that you can leverage business gas to fuel your path to success. Every business has different needs and expectations. You just have to find the winning formula that works for you.

Gas Audit

You can perform an audit on your business’s gas usage to determine how effective it is. The auditor’s report will indicate how much gas your business is using, where exactly it is being used, and when it is being used. It will also show where your business has been wasting gas as well as give tips on how you can correct this issue. The auditor will also go over all your gas bills to see if you’re not being overcharged by your gas supplier.

Switch Supplier

You can make use of utility comparison companies to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your business and to figure out if you could pay less for business gas. There might be a different supplier with a deal that is better suited to your business’s needs and budget. You should try bargaining with your current supplier and see if they can accommodate you in any way. If they can’t meet your needs, you should consider switching to a new supplier that can.

Smart Meter

You can install a smart meter that will give a more accurate reading of your gas usage to your supplier. This will ensure that your gas bill is no longer based on estimated readings and that your business is paying the right amount for gas. It will also no longer be necessary for someone to come to your premises and take meter readings because the smart meter automatically sends them to your supplier. A smart meter will show you where in your business you can use less gas. 

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can connect your business’s heating system to the internet and let you control it via your smartphone or computer. You can change the temperature or switch off the heating without having to go to the physical heating system. This ensures that only a select few people will have access to the heating system controls of your business. You can install the smart thermostat by yourself without help from your gas supplier. If the internet goes down, the heating will continue according to your set schedule. You’ll just have to control the system manually.

Clean, Maintain, or Replace Equipment

Make sure to clean equipment on a regular basis. This will help systems to function at their best without having any dirt to hinder them. Equipment maintenance should be scheduled and completed regularly. Catching and fixing a small problem that is detected immediately is a lot cheaper than having to fix a large problem that could have been prevented. If it is necessary to replace equipment, you should try to invest in updated and energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Replace outdated and malfunctioning equipment with new items. It might require you to spend a large sum of money at once, but the return will definitely be worth it.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

This can be used to heat or cool spaces instead of gas-fuelled systems. During the winter, HRV uses heat from the air that’s going outside to preheat air that is coming inside, and during the summer, it removes heat from the air that’s coming inside and transfers it to outgoing air. It also filters incoming air so that it is fresh. It has three different strengths for different needs. The HRV should be installed in a space that is easily accessible so that the filters can be cleaned easily. The ideal space in the room is being heated or cooled and close to an exterior wall.

Renewable Energy Sources

Your business’s gas usage will definitely be less if you use renewable energy methods instead. These methods are a lot better for the environment and use sources that will never be depleted. They are a big investment to consider, but you will become less dependent on gas suppliers. You can install solar panels on the roof or on parking structures and use the sun to generate energy and heat. Miniature wind turbines can be installed in the garden or parking lot to turn wind into energy. Other systems include hydroelectric power, biomass energy, anaerobic digestion, geothermal energy, ground source heat pumps, and wave energy.

Benefits of Reducing Business Gas Usage

Your business will have lower gas bills which will help you to save money. This money can be used on other areas of the business that might need the funding. There are plenty of sources that give advice on which areas of your business might need extra funding. Or it can be put into a savings account to be used for emergencies. Your business can also qualify for certain tax deductions and grant opportunities. Employees are more empowered if their business is trying to be more sustainable, which can lead to increased productivity. By using sustainable energy alternatives, your business has a competitive advantage in the industry and attracts new customers and investors. It also ensures that your business reduces its carbon footprint and helps with the fight against global warming. Using less energy can make your business less reliant on the national energy grid, which protects you from the fluctuating energy market.

To Sum Up

This article looked at some of the ways that your business can use less gas and still be successful. They include a gas audit, switching suppliers, smart meters, smart thermostats, cleaning, maintaining, or replacing equipment, heat recovery ventilation, and renewable energy sources. It also summarised the benefits of reducing business gas usage.

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