Online Medical Resources for Patients: Online Therapy to Prescription Discount Sites

It’s an age-old story. Your head starts aching or you see a weird mole on your arm. You decide to take matters into your own hands and seek medical attention online. You quickly go to a sketchy, online medical site, simply for informational purposes, and it tells you the worst. Then you think, “Could I be dying? Does that weird rash means my skin is days from completely falling off and that weird bump on my leg means bugs are growing under my skin and are eating me from the inside out?”

Sounds ridiculous, right? Right.

As crazy as it sounds, this is how some people seek medical help. Through unreliable online sites that often use fear-mongering to encourage us to buy medicine that we don’t need. But what if you could easily find reliable, professional medical advice online? Many companies are working to provide you with medical treatment form the comfort of your home. You just need to know where to look.

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The medical field is vast and many health-related questions may not be easily answered. You can’t just rely on a quick internet search for your health care needs. Luckily, there are now easy ways to access real professional medical help online, so sketchy websites and unreliable answers are a thing of the past.

Now, many hospitals and med clinics are offering online consultations. Simply video conferencing into your doctor’s office provides the opportunity for a dialogue about your symptoms and side effects in real-time. You get real medical advice right away, without any doubt about the legitimacy of the information. Some doctors are even accessible through a text message.

Having this online platform gives you and your health care provider more flexibility. Our lives get so busy, that planning doctor’s appointments can become a hassle. With health care providers transitioning to providing online, remote medical attention, getting a diagnosis can happen on your timeline. Check with your current doctors to see if this is a service their office provides. Of course, some services can only be provided in person. But the simpler stuff, early signs of an allergic reaction or simple bumps and bruises, can easily be handled over the phone.

Online Therapy

In recent years, it has become clear that mental health care is just as important to maintain as physical health. Some studies have shown that almost half of Americans will experience a form of mental illness throughout their lifetime. And of those individuals, only half will seek any kind of help or personal therapy.

prescription discount sites - 3392939As with medical consultations, online therapy has become more accessible than ever. Mobile apps and websites now bring a licensed therapist or psychologist right into your living room to offer mental health services. These online therapy programs allow you to speak with different mental health professionals to find the right therapist.

Maybe you feel the most secure simply texting about personal information, or you may need a weekly, scheduled phone call, or maybe a monthly video chat. Whatever works for you, there are many resources out there for online therapy programs. So now your physical health and mental health can all be treated remotely in a way that best fits into your life.

Prescription Needs

The digital age is not only answering your health care questions, but they’re also helping with your pharmacy needs. We can all agree that prescription costs can be a big financial burden. But for people with low blood sugar, chronic chest pain or who rely on effective birth control, your medication may not be an option. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save even more money than you do with your health insurance?

There is an online resource for that too. Sites like help reduce the cost of your prescription medication. Often times the purchase price of a drug is much higher than the actual cost to make it. USARx takes out the middle man and gets you a discounted cost of the drug. Even your specific prescription drug can be bought at a lower cost. This gives you peace of mind to stay healthy and safe without completely breaking the bank. So your next trip to the pharmacy can be simple and painless.

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