6 things that can boost your mental wellbeing

Taking care of our mental wellbeing is essential – so what exactly do we need to do to practice good self-care? Here, we look at six things you can do to boost your mental wellbeing.

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Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness is essentially a mental state that encourages you to focus on the present moment. This allows your mind to acknowledge how you’re feeling, as well as appreciate what’s happening around you instead of rushing from one moment to the next. According to Positive Psychology, mindfulness can decrease stress, facilitate recovery, help with depression, and boost resilience.

Exploring the outdoors

Getting out and into nature is another great way to boost your mood. Not only does being outside in nature encourage you to be active, but it also has a calming effect on our mind, allowing us to relax and unwind.

If you can, head to a green space for exercise – for instance, if you live in London, you could head from Finsbury Park to Enfield Chase to get to Enfield Town Park, or you could try Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park or others.

Reducing screen time

We’re living in an increasingly digital era and are more connected than ever before. While there are many benefits to advanced technology and social media, it’s important to unplug sometimes and allow your brain to switch off and relax. This is particularly important before bedtime – as the light from screens can affect our ability to get to sleep.

Eating a balanced diet

Eating a healthy, balanced diet can not only improve our physical health but also our mental health. According to Mind, the mental health charity, evidence suggests that what we eat can help to improve our mood, energize us and help us to think clearly.

Make sure you eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, reduce the intake of processed or sugary foods, and drink plenty of water. You should also aim to eat plenty of slow-release foods like whole grains and nuts as they release energy slowly, helping us to feel more alert and able to concentrate for longer periods.

Getting enough sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is vital for both our physical and mental health. Without it, our mood can suffer, we can find it hard to concentrate, and we are also more likely to suffer certain health issues, according to the NHS.

The majority of people need around eight hours per night to function – so if you’re struggling to get that, you could try to go to bed at the same time every day to establish a routine and use relaxation techniques like yoga, reading, and listening to gentle music.

Taking a warm bath

Sinking into a warm bubble bath before bed is a great way to encourage your body and mind to relax. This is because the warm water increases your body temperature, allowing your muscles to relax and let go of any tension. In turn, this helps your mind to switch off. Simply sitting in the bath will help you practice mindfulness, or give you a section of the day to read a good book and let go of any stresses or worries.

Why not try one of these today to boost your mental wellbeing?

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