Things You Need to Consider When Outsourcing SEO Service

Outsourced SEO services are generally preferred by companies whenever they wish to improve their rankings on search engines and social platforms.

Here, instead of investing in an entire department with one single purpose of occasionally promoting your website, you can just leave the job to the professionals.

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Find out all the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing SEO services to decide whether you should do it.

The Pros and Cons When Outsourcing SEO Service


  • Take advantage of their expertise

First of all, if your company isn’t specialized in search engine optimizations, then you might want to consider outsourcing your tasks to the experts since they’ll know what to do with your businesses.

These companies know what they’re doing and will properly do a better job boosting your website traffic than you do. Here, you can access the latest and most advanced SEO techniques, guaranteeing great results.

And in the meantime, you can focus your company assets on more important tasks while keeping track of the SEO processes from your partners, which is a great way to allocate your resources. The reduced expenses in technology and infrastructure are already a huge gain.

  • Save your money

In addition, the costs of hiring SEO companies will also be a lot cheaper than starting an entire SEO department unless you require their work every single day.

Not to mention that there are also many foreign firms that do excellent SEO services while still having a lower rate than your domestic ones. These are always good choices for companies that are looking for quick and effective SEO work.

  • Save your time

And finally, outsourcing SEO services would mean that you can have others doing the jobs for you. Thus, reducing the amount of time you need to invest in promoting the websites or social channels.

In addition, with flexible time, especially for foreign companies, you can even have them working when your opponents are sleeping. Thus, giving your company better SEO results.


  • No direct control

The thing with having others doing your jobs is that you won’t have direct control over their work. So, there can be certain issues when working with each other.

These people may lack an understanding of your market, which can result in poor SEO services. And it’s your job to provide them with adequate insights.

Hence, it’s important for you to understand the SEO services and what you’re doing. This would help you better monitor the projects and make necessary changes.

  • Risks of dirty SEO tactics

If you’re working with an unreliable firm, you’re most likely susceptible to black hat SEO tactics, which will have many risks to your websites.

These methods can bring quick and easy SEO results but will have detrimental effects on your channels in the long run.

You’ll risk having non-organic traffic directly using dirty methods. Your sites can be blacklisted by Google and other search engines. And you’ll eventually lose traffic and rankings.

Tips for Business to Outsource Their SEO Service

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Here are tips for businesses when outsourcing their services

  • Always know what you’re doing

First of all, you just can’t assign the projects and leave the selected company to work on their own. It’s important for you to know why you need SEO services and how these agencies can make things better for you.

This will make it possible for you to always follow the progress and understand what your partners are doing. Thus, ensuring that everything is going in the right direction.

  • Prices aren’t everything

While outsourcing SEO services to other companies, especially foreign firms from Asian countries, can be quite cost-efficient. You must understand that good services will always require a suitable price. So don’t expect bargaining prices when you’re looking for a good SEO company.

Although the price differences in foreign countries will allow you to pay less than usual, which makes them great options for outsourced businesses.

  • Always look for trusted companies

Outsourced SEO services to a new agency in a foreign country that you barely know is already a risky business. So, it’s important for you to really know the companies and make sure that they’re reliable.

Always look at trusted platforms and dive deep into the agency’s background. Here, it’s important to consider all their completed projects, the people that they have, and finally, the prices. These will help you decide if certain firms are trusted for your SEO services.

  • Proficiency in communicational English

And last but not least, being proficient in the use of English is always a must for these outsourced companies since you’ll need it for daily communications.

Make sure that you can stay close to the projects and its progress. And always check to avoid any miscommunications, which can have detrimental effects when executing SEO projects.

  • Avoid the exaggerated promises

A lot of companies will give you promises of high-quality SEO services and incredible results for the price. But you must understand that a good agency won’t make promises but deliver their guaranteed results, as long as they’re in the contracts.

And Tech-One is one of those companies. Here, promises aren’t made, but results are always delivered, as the company focuses on bringing value to its customers at the right price.

So, if you are struggling to find a reliable SEO firm to outsource your business, then this one will save you trouble. Not to mention that by being based in Vietnam, the company already has the expertise, adequate resources, and flexible working time that you need.


The guideline above will help you decide if you need outsourced SEO services for your company’s projects. And at the same time, we hope the provided tips can help you find the right agencies and avoid the bad options.