Things To Consider When Buying Medical Marijuana

Marijuana research

Marijuana’s popularity in the medical industry is growing by the day. The product has also been legalized for medical use in several states. With platforms like KushMapper, marijuana has become accessible now more than ever.

Whether you are experiencing mild or chronic pain, a skin condition, or suffering from stress and anxiety, good marijuana can relieve the symptoms. However, if you have no or limited experience buying medical marijuana, your first encounter can be confusing. Here are some of the things to consider when visiting a marijuana dispensary or sourcing your product online.

  1. Do research

Before you proceed to place an order with any dispensary, do your research. Buying medical marijuana from a reputable brand is key to getting good quality and effective products. Some of the things you should be looking at in companies you intend to buy from include third-party lab testing on their products and their willingness to disclose this information to the public.

Scrutinize the brands’; websites also to get information of other customers with their products. You can also get reports from relevant bloggers on the brand and check genuine testimonials. This will inform you on whether to trust the brand and proceed with placing an order.

  1. Ensure the product has low THC

In some states, exceeding a certain THC percentage in medical marijuana is illegal. More so, effective products have more CBD content and low THC. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, and the consumption of a product with high THC can affect your mental health.

Make sure you read the label and settle for a product with low THC for the best results.

  1. Consider the percentage of CBD in every dose of the product

When it comes to CBD, potency matters and can determine how effective the product is. The concentration of CBD determines how potent it is, which also informs its efficacy. If you have a doctor’s recommendation, it is also advisable to use it to inform your choice.

How do you measure the strength of CBD? Your best bet is reading the manufacturer’s label on the concentration of the compound. Also worth noting is that the different marijuana forms may have different concentrations of the compound. Also, with capsules, it is easier for dispensaries to highlight the percentage of the compound.

  1. Evaluate the list of ingredients in the product

Apart from the THC and CBD concentration in marijuana, it is worth assessing other compounds in the product. That is why a third-party lab test report is vital. It will confirm if the product contains bacteria, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and other synthetic compounds that you would not wish to consume. This goes a long way in ensuring you get a safe product.


When buying medical marijuana, ensure you are sourcing the product from a reliable brand. In addition, assess the third-party lab test report to identify the percentage of THC and other compounds in the product to establish if it is safe for you.

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