Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Office Supplies Online

It is difficult to visit a lot of shops after a hectic office day. Online shopping has solved this problem and now you can shop from the online office supply stores from the comfort of your own home. In addition, office supplies are critical to a smooth workflow. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep your office stationary stacked to prevent any lag in work.

You need to keep in view several factors when doing online shopping. However, there are a lot of good stores that you can rely on. Besides getting discounts and coupons, there are massive sales on bulk buys. However, you can get scammed too if you do not choose wisely where to buy.

Here is a guide for factors to consider when doing online shopping for office supplies.

Factors To Consider When Buying Office Supplies

Online stores offer a variety of products and sometimes it can be hard to choose. Therefore, below is a list of a few factors that you can take into consideration when buying office supplies that best suits your needs.

1.   Quality

Quality is king when it comes to stationary. As you often find yourself loyal to a few brands of stationery you have been using over time. Moreover, you do not want your work to fall behind owing to shabby office supplies.

During online shopping, you are at the mercy of pictures provided for gauging the quality of the product. What you can do is study customer reviews for getting a real insight into a product’s caliber from real experiences.

It is always better to shop from online stores offering refunds and returns. That way, you will not be stuck with a mediocre supply.

2.   Price Of Products

Cost is the most crucial factor when it comes to shopping. You need to consider your supplies budget and buy accordingly. Before making a purchase, visit all the top brands and compare prices. You should also look for discounts, vouchers, and sales.

Office supplies are usually bought in bulk. Many websites offer discounts and sales on bulk buys. Make sure you avail that concession to reduce your overall bill. However, do not fall for substandard products offered under the guise of discounted prices.

Many of the online retailers might be charging a bit higher than others and providing free delivery. In such cases, go for the shops that offer good quality products. Furthermore, you can also compare product prices and get a good quote.

3.   Make A List Before Buying

Online shops offer a multitude of products to choose from. The products are categorized under several categories and are available in a wide range. Furthermore, these websites have a friendly user interface, and whether you want or not, you will be scrolling through every item.

Therefore, to save time and stick to your budget, it is advisable to make a list of supplies. You can keep adding items to your cart and re-check at the end if anything is missing. Moreover, this list will also save you from making any unnecessary purchases.

You can also add the budget for each supply to the list and prevent going over your budget. When finalizing the bill, make sure you consider delivery charges and timing as well.

4.   Order Beforehand

All office work will come to a halt if you run out of supplies. As a result, there will be a loss in business. You cannot wait for your stock to finish before ordering new. Office supplies such as paper, pens, printing ink, etc are crucial for everyday tasks and tend to run out sooner than you anticipate.

You can prevent this by keeping a record of stationary usage in the office and ordering new when you are about to run out. It is also to be kept in mind that your order might take a few days to get delivered. That being the case, you should be ordering supplies beforehand.

5.   Customer Service

You do not want to buy from a website that will not cater to your needs in case of a refund or customization. A good retailer will always be available to answer your queries regarding your purchase.

Therefore, make sure you can contact the seller easily when buying from an online shop. This will not only help you know better about the product quality but also customize your purchase as well. You might as well ask the supplier to deliver your order early.

6.   Delivery Options

Storage is an important issue. There are certain online retailers who have delivery stops and from there you will have to carry your supplies yourself. Therefore, it is best to choose the retailer who will deliver to your exact location.

Moreover, you do not want your office supplies to get damaged during delivery. It is critical to choose the supplier who delivers with utmost care and offers a refund in case of any malfunctioning or broken product.

If you order stuff overseas, there may be additional shipping and customs charges. So, having a general idea about custom charges can go a long way.

7.   Payment Method

You cannot always pay via card or cash. When choosing an online retailer, look for their several payment methods. It is recommended to pay on delivery. However, if it is a trusted website, you can pay via card as well.

At times, you will need the supplies urgently but will not be able to pay the retailer in full. Therefore, installments are another option. Make sure your retailer offers installments on visa or debit cards of your respective bank.

8.   Refund Or Return Option

Many products might look good online but in reality, they are substandard. Therefore, you will need to return them or get a refund. If your retailer does not offer a refund option, you should consider buying from some other website.


Shopping for office supplies online can save a lot of time and money if done right. Quality, prices, and delivery options are a few things that you need to consider before buying. Buying online also gives you the freedom to compare prices.

In addition, you can go through reviews instead of relying only on word of mouth. Some websites even offer overseas shipping for products that are not available locally. So you can go through the above list for an overall good online shopping experience for office supplies and avoid getting scammed.

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