Things to Know About Ultrasonic Cleaning

The one certain thing is that nobody can run away from washing and cleaning, especially eliminating contaminants from objects. However, what if there is a cleaning machine that eases the task of parts cleaning? Let us dig deeper into Ultratecno Power ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Science of Ultrasonic

The science behind ultrasonic is that it uses sound frequencies that are inaudible to the human being. The frequency ranges between 20,000 to 100,000 cycles/second. The effect of the frequencies varies according to the prescribed cycle and applications.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

An ultrasonic cleaning machine is a device that is capable of cleaning components using sound frequencies and appropriate cleaning solvent. It offers a complete solution and the rapid action of removing dirt, contaminants, and germs from different items immersed in the tank.

It is crucial to record that not each ultrasonic cleaner is equal. You will come across bigger sizes, specifications, and dimensions. The one that is essential for you depends on your industry and need. However, they all meet the same criteria, which is cleaning.

Things to Know about Ultrasonic Machines

  1. Materials

  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel: You will find the devices constructed out of aluminum or stainless steel. The use of these materials extends the life of the machine.
  • Tank: The tank of the cleaner varies in size and design and accommodate the cleaning solvent. You will also find machines that do not have tanks. In such a case, you will be using a sink or bowl.
  • Temperature and Time Controllers: Depending on the model, you will find temperature and time controllers.
  • Piezoceramic Transducers: You will find the piezoceramic transducers at the side or bottom of the tank.
  • Drainer: Most of the tanks are available with a drainer. It will help you remove the solvent after cleaning.
  • Electrical Energy: Most of the ultrasonic cleaners run at an average wattage of 75 W per gallon.
  • Rack or Basket: The presence of a rack or basket helps prevent scratches or etching while cleaning the components.
  • Operating Modes: Depending on the model selected, one can have both sweep mode and pulse mode that vary the fluctuation of frequency and ultrasonic power.
  1. Cleaning Mechanism

Ultratecno Power ultrasonic cleaning machine converts the electrical energy to ultrasonic energy with the help of a transducer. Upon powering the source, the transducer changes its size creating high-frequency sound waves that result in the formation and collapse of bubbles.

Because of the process’s continuation, the bubble size increases and reaches a specific size where they cannot retain their shape. At this stage, the bubbles break free and move through the liquid. The bubbles are responsible for removing dirt, germs, oil, and other contaminants struck against the objects.

  1. Frequency

Frequency One will be measuring the frequency of ultrasonic in thousands of cycles per second. High frequencies generate small bubble sizes that are responsible for gentle cleaning actions. Low frequency produces large bubbles with bigger cleaning power.

It is not possible to distinguish the sizes visually. You must pick an ultrasonic machine with a lower frequency to remove resistant contaminants such as carbon dust, rust, grease. On the contrary, you will opt for a higher frequency ultrasonic device to clean delicate materials from fingerprints or light grease.

  1. Ultrasonic Power

Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic power depends on the volume of the ultrasonic tank. For a smaller tank, we use the ratio of 10W per liter of liquid. As the tanks go bigger the ratio per liter decreases. Any increase in the power used by the device increases the bubble production. Due to this, there is an increase in the cleaning action. Nonetheless, there is a limitation. Upon exceeding the power limit, you will risk or damage the products apart from wasting energy.

  1. Cleaning Solutions

It is a vital factor that many users neglect. Depending on the components that you wish to clean, picking the right cleaning solvent is essential. Going through the specifications and characteristics of the fluid also helps in understanding what works for your products. Although most cleaners use water as the cleaning agent, you can pick up another solution for a better cleaning process.

Ensure that the solvent that you will be picking up does not have high or low surface tension. You should also consider the safety of use with the fluid.

  1. Cleaning Time

Cleaning Time Ultratecno Power ultrasonic cleaning enables to alter the cleaning time. The cleaning times depend on the type and quantity of the dirt to be removed, detergent concentration, and temperature. For standard ultrasonic degreasing, the time variation is usually between two and ten minutes. You will also come across cleaning applications that have a longer cleaning cycle time and require minimal supervision. Selecting such a unit depends on the industry, the size of the components, and usage.


Ultrasonic cleaning machine is available both as a portable unit and a heavy-duty industrial machine. Depending on the segment, you will further come across various models with varying dimensions and tank capacities. The reliable information outlined in this article will give you all the support required when selecting the best cleaning devices for cleaning needs.

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