Things to know before buying fusion hair extensions!

Hair extensions using hot fusion are very popular. If you apply hot fusion extensions correctly, they can give a natural appearance. When applied correctly, they are not damaging to hair. The keratin is trimmed and shaped into U-shaped or finger nail shapes.

Our hot fusion extensions are made from human hair, which makes them very flexible. Like your natural hair, hot fusion extensions can also be curled or straightened.

It is recommended to have the process professionally done, even though the process itself is simple. The keratin will be melted and then rolled onto the hair with a hot iron. It takes between three and four hours to apply the hair extensions, depending on your speed as well as how many you plan to add to your head. If you take care of your fusion extensions, they can last between 3 and 6 months depending upon how quickly your hair grows. Then, they need to be reinstalled. Professionals should remove the extensions to preserve your hair’s health.

Fusion extensions are very flexible. If you do not want to use chemical products on your hair, then you can add highlights or a whole head of extensions to give your hair more length and thickness. It’s a great option for people who want a more permanent hair extension and do not wish to remove them every evening like they have to with clip-ins and halo hair extensions.

Get All Necessary Information

Consult the technician first. It’s important to ask any questions you may have and get additional information if this is your first time. A technician should give you extensions of the highest quality (within budget), and explain to you how to take proper care. You should be able to properly care for your extensions after they are installed. Otherwise, they will not last as long or damage your hair.

After Installing Fusion Hair Extensions

You will be excited when you have your fusion hair extensions installed because they usually look natural.

You may feel some pain in your head a few days after application. It is not uncommon for some women to experience a slight sensitivity in their scalps. This usually occurs within the first couple of days following fusions. This is because of the additional hairs and attachments that are on your scalp. It may initially feel strange. Expect the first few days to feel a bit strange, particularly at night. This is only temporary.

Going to Bed with Fusion Extensions

You should put your hair in a high ponytail or pigtails before going to bed. Your hair can be put in high or low ponytails. This is the easiest way to get to sleep without matting. It’s also the most comfortable. Don’t be alarmed if you feel some pain during the first few nights of sleeping with your fusions. The symptoms should disappear after the first wash.

Washing Fusion Extensions

It’s a completely different experience to wash your hair after a regular shampoo and then suddenly with full fusion extensions.

Remember to wash your hair standing up in the shower. Avoid bending down to flip your hair up side down. This will only make it more difficult for you and may cause tangles. Use a little shampoo to scrub the scalp, avoiding any attachments. Next, use the remaining shampoo to wash the remainder of your hair. It’s important not to scrub too hard where bonds are. Just get used to not scrubing aggressively. Your hair will be clean. After rinsing the shampoo, rinse your hair with conditioner. After rinsing out the shampoo, apply your conditioner to your hair.

After getting fusions, people don’t know that they shouldn’t be washing their hair daily. You’ll notice that your extensions last longer if you don’t wash them as often. You can use a dry shampoo instead and only wash your hair once every 3 or 4 days.

Styling Fusion Extensions

After a washing, it may take more time to style and dry your hair. Never go to bed with your hair wet, as the moisture can cause glue damage and matts. It is important to get your hair dry as soon as possible. It may be a long time before the hair is completely dry. Give yourself extra time to do this. You may have to adjust to a new routine, but it’s important to set aside time. Follow these simple steps to make your hair look and last longer.

Be very cautious when using heat on fusion extensions. This can be damaging to both your extensions and natural hair. Avoid touching the bond when using heat styling tools. This can cause the Keratin to heat up again and loosen. Use your flat irons or curling irons on low heat.

Final Thoughts

You’re now ready to purchase your Fusion hair extensions. You’ll love them and be happy with the results. They are worth it, even though they require some maintenance.

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