Things You Need to Know About Invisalign in Grande Prairie

Are you looking for a simple, painless way to realign and straighten your crooked teeth? There are many good orthodontic treatments available to help you, and one of the most popular choices is Invisalign. It is a great alternative to metal braces for straightening your teeth.

Our team at Northern Dental Centre provides Invisalign near you. If you are considering Invisalign, here are a few things to know before getting Invisalign:

Wear Trays As Directed

When compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is typically easier and quicker to see results, but patients must wear their customized aligners for 22 hours every day and for a full 48 hours the first two days after receiving new ones to receive modifications. If you wear the aligners as directed, your teeth will most likely straighten in accordance with your treatment plan, perhaps more quickly than you had anticipated.

If you don’t utilize your aligners properly, they won’t be able to move your smile into the right alignment. Those who wear their trays for fewer than 20 hours a day have been found to have less-than-ideal outcomes and require extended treatment. 

Take Care Of Your Oral Hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and taking care of the aligner trays are essential parts of the Invisalign treatment. Similar to traditional braces, you should avoid letting food or debris stick to your enamel because doing so could cause tooth decay or even sore gums. 

If you use Invisalign, food residue will remain on your teeth after you put your aligners on, thus trapping particles and increasing your risk of tooth decay. To maintain the health of your teeth after getting Invisalign, it’s important to floss and brush after meals. 

Also, keeping your Invisalign trays clean will help ensure that the “invisible braces” remain that way.

Give Some Time To Adjust

You’ll need some time to adjust to having these new trays in your mouth, just like with traditional braces. Your mouth may first feel strange or uneasy, and you may feel some discomfort, but ultimately, you will be adjusted to them. When utilizing the aligners for the first time, you may also notice a slight alteration in your speech or a “lisp.” Leave them in place for the 22-hour daily obligation so they may become acclimated to talking.

Invisalign Is Not Ideal For Everyone

Not all patients respond well to Invisalign. Classic braces or dental surgery may be the only options for people who have teeth that are seriously out of place or who have a severe overbite or underbite. The most common dental problems, like gaps, small overbites or underbites, and some cases of overcrowding, can be corrected with Invisalign; however, it is not always the ideal solution for more serious dental difficulties. Your first step in determining whether Invisalign is the best treatment for your smile is to consult with an Invisalign dentist in Grande Prairie.

Use A Retainer Following Treatment 

When treatment is complete, you’ll need to wear your retainer at night. Using your retainer and scheduling routine follow-up appointments with your dentist are crucial to the post-care procedure. After receiving Invisalign, if you refuse to wear the retainer, then it is better to forgo treatment altogether. As a result, you will end up losing all the progress that has been made. 

Getting Invisalign Treatment With a Dentist Near You

You’ll be more likely to enjoy using your Invisalign clear aligners if you go into treatment with the appropriate expectations. Contact us if you are looking for a dentist who offers Invisalign in Grande Prairie. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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