Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Gym Management Software

There are numerous processes involved in the everyday management of a gym or fitness center. Oftentimes, these processes can involve a considerable amount of time and money. Running a gym does not simply end with buying tons of fitness equipment, hiring staff, and one or two gym instructors. You can learn how to build a home gym cheap but you will  also need to invest in gym management software to manage all tasks in the gym.

If you thought that gym staff and trainers spend all of their time working out and training other people, then you obviously don’t know how to run a gym. The truth is, gym workers spend a lot of time in the office dealing with paperwork and management tasks most of the time. This includes creating and managing schedules, processing membership renewals or cancellations, processing invoices, and other activities.

Doing this manually can be exhausting and time-consuming but with the help of technology, a lot of these processes can be fully automated. Many gyms nowadays use gym management software to help reduce a huge amount of time spent on menial and rote tasks.

Using management software opens up more opportunities for your gym business. Instead of spending time on paperwork, you can focus more on growing your business and coming up with new initiatives.

Below are some of the benefits you can get out of using fitness management software:

  • Manage client’s schedules and appointments for the day
  • Sends email or SMS messages to your clients reminding them of their schedules or billing
  • Improves Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by keeping you connected with customers, streamlining processes, and improving profitability
  • Manages membership by allowing you to store and edit member information. Allows you to create, renew, upgrade, or downgrade memberships easily.
  • Gives members access to information on their schedules, progress, and membership status
  • Easy integration of payments/billing with the membership list. A fuss-free way to ensure a smooth and convenient way of tracking payments.

What You Need to Look for in A Gym Management Software?

Whether you own or are considering the idea of opening a gym or fitness center, choosing the right management software is important. But you shouldn’t just get any software system—it should be one that’s user-friendly and streamlined to make way for smoother business functioning and better results for everyone.

Below are some of the main features you need to consider when choosing a gym management software:

  • A Streamlined Dashboard

Choose a software system that has a naturally user-friendly dashboard. It should also pave the way for a fast learning curve for employees.

  • Automatic Billing

This feature allows you to stay on top of things. You will know how much money is owed you, get paid more efficiently, and improve customer service at the same time—such a huge win! Your software system must also enforce important billing arrangements like late fees, no-show penalties, and cancellation fees.

  • Digital Waivers and Contracts

An important aspect of fitness management software is its ability to create digital waivers and contracts. Say goodbye to paper documents—they’re a thing of the past! With digital documents, you will be able to streamline signups and legal considerations in your gym easily.

  • Better Online Management Sales and Customer Engagement

A fitness management software should be seamlessly linked with your website and online presence. Having an online sales platform allows interested individuals to sign up any time of the day—24 hours a day; seven days a week.

Your management software should also allow you to create online promotions and offers such as trial membership or discounted classes to spark interest. This should make it easier for interested parties to talk about your gym and share their progress on social media.

  • Email and Text Management

A gym management software should also come with an effective and dynamic e-mail and text solution. This is great for communicating with clients or athletes and market to them in the most effective ways. The text and email feature is also the best way to acknowledge member birthdays milestones and anniversaries. You can also use it to facilitate customer referrals.

  • Real-time Reporting

Want to stay in touch with your business in real-time? No problem. Your fitness management system can help you do that. Real-time reporting of financial measures and usage statistics, as well as daily reports and metrics, help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business and be aware of its financial status.

  • Tracking Attendance

Attendance can fluctuate throughout the week at different times of the year. Certain places can gain popularity with fitness trends and then lose popularity over the year. With the attendance tracking feature, you’ll be able to stay on top of the numbers and trends which will then allow you to schedule classes and events accordingly. This will also help you manage your staff more effectively, retain more members and staff, and ensure athlete engagement.

  • Automatic Scheduling and Reservation

A fitness management software should also allow members and athletes to sign up for programs, classes, and personal training online. Your gym should be able to effectively manage class sizes and cover staff requirements with this feature.

  • Admin App

Gym management software systems today should include a linked app you can install on any device. This will allow you to take software features anywhere and stay connected with your business 24/7.

  • Automatic Lead Management

Your fitness management software should help you manage all interested parties in every aspect of your sales funnel. Whether a person is just mildly interested in signing up, or if they have signed up for trial membership, or are ready and willing to sign up for the long-term one, choose a software solution that can help you keep track of all leads.

  • Payroll and Merchandise Sales Tracking

Another feature to look for is the system’s ability to simplify payroll and staff tracking. The software should also provide an e-commerce solution for any merchandise or products you sell.

  • Profile Management and Performance Tracking

Tracking a member’s performance allows them to stay in touch with their goals and check their progress over time. Athletes will be able to access their progress and assess their past performance to anticipate future results.

A profile management feature allows gym owners to supervise their clients and serve them better. You’ll be able to manage your client’s and athlete’s information from the software dashboard from concise profiles.

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