Things You Should Know About Lace Wigs

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When we talk about wigs, we can’t get around the topic of lace wigs. In terms of current wig trends, lace wigs are still the most natural-looking wigs of all. What exactly is a lace wig? What types of lace wigs are there? Why are lace wigs often more expensive? To clear your doubts, keep reading this article. This will help you a lot in choosing a lace wig.

1. What is lace wig

Lace wigs are wigs sewn from a lace part and a cap part. Generally speaking, the name of lace wigs is determined by the area of lace. If the lace area of a lace wig is square (4×4 inches or 5×5 inches), then this lace wig is called a closure lace wig. If the lace area of a lace wig is rectangular (13×4 inches, 13×5 inches and 13×6 inches),  The lace is called frontal lace wig or lace front wig. If the lace part is circular, then this lace is 360 lace wigs. If a lace wig is made entirely of lace without any cap part, then this lace wig is called a full lace wig.

2. Lace front wigs VS 360 lace wigs

As we have said in the previous article, the difference between lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs is that the lace area is different.

The lace area of lace front wigs is rectangular and large enough to cover your forehead (ear to ear). Therefore, its main function is to give you a full and natural forehead hairline.

The lace area of 360 lace wigs is circular. If the wig is regarded as a half sphere, then the lace area of 360 lace wigs wraps the lower half of the hemisphere. That is to say, except for the hair cap part at the top, the bottom is all lace. If you still feel abstract, then I can describe it in more plain language: the area of 360 lace covers from your forehead to your left ear, then from your left ear to the back of your neck, and then from the back of your neck to your right ear , and finally cover from the right ear back to your forehead. That said, 360 lace wigs make the back of your neck and behind your ears look natural. With the help of the 360 lace, you can finish styling like a ponytail.


3. T part wig and closure wigs

Most lace wigs require glue to aid in installation. But T part wig and closure lace wig can be installed without glue. Therefore, they are also considered glueless lace wigs.

Closure lace wig was mentioned in the previous article. It is a lace wig with a square lace area. The lace of this lace wig will generally cover the middle of your forehead. So this wig allows you to achieve a mid-point.

T part lace wig is the lace wig with the smallest lace area. To a certain extent, it is a limited version of the closure lace wig. Because it can only be divided among the very few lace parts of the T part. But the good thing about T part lace wig is that its price is the cheapest of all lace wigs. So you can buy it without financial burden

4. Why full lace wigs is expensive

A full lace wig is a lace wig made entirely of lace. That is to say, this lace wig has the largest lace area. Lace wigs are expensive because they are very rare. The reason why lace wigs are very rare is that its production cost, production difficulty, and production time are far longer than ordinary lace wigs. It may take half a year to make a full lace wig.

5. What a good lace wig should look like

How to judge the quality of a lace wig? What a good lace wig should look like?

l  1. The hair used in lace wigs should be virgin human hair. And it must be 100% virgin human hair. Such lace wigs will look smooth and shiny, and can be used for a long time.

l  2. The lace part of the lace wig must be tough and not breakable. The lace used in some lace wigs is of poor quality and is easily torn. This lace wig is not durable. Therefore, when buying a lace wig, be sure to confirm whether its lace part is tough.

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