Things You Should Know About Riding With a Child


More than 600 children typically end up in the department of emergency for bike-related damage and injuries every day. While a safety helmet is an important factor of or wheel riding, nearly one in five parents tell the children not to wear a safety helmet.

Three most essential things that you can do for keeping your kid safe are;

  • Ask your kid to wear a safety helmet everywhere whenever she or he rides a bicycle or bike.
  • Teach the child all the rules and regulations of the road for keeping her or him safe while having a ride on the streets.
  • Make sure that the Electric moped bike of your child is kept in great working order.

Here’s a complete guide on how the parents can highly improve the street smarts of their children to keep them completely safe and protected. So, here we go;

Bicycle Safety – Tips & Tricks

Follow these incredible tips & tricks for a safe and secure bike riding;

1. Make sure your kid has the good equipment:

Have your loving children wear a safety helmet whenever she or he is going to ride a bike. Keep your child’s bike is a perfect repair. Inspect it frequently. Main things to examine usually include the tire pressure, the chain tightness, and the brakes.

2. Make sure the bicycle is the right size for the children:

A bike that is too large makes accidents more likely. The feet of your children should definitely reach the ground easily when she or he is seated. The bike should efficiently fit your children at their current age. The child should not at all“grow into it.”
Make sure that the bike type is matching the abilities of your child completely, like a Fat tire e-bike. For example, shifting and gears can be a bit confusing to a kid. Start your children with a one-speed & workup.

3. Make sure your child can see easily:

Make sure to dress the child in reflective or back-colored clothing. Do not permit your children to ride in the dark. And if your child wants to ride at dusk or dawn, make sure she or he is using lights and reflectors.

4. Teach your children safe control of the bike:

Both hands of the child should be strongly kept on the handlebars of the bike. Books & other products should be surely carried in a specific backpack or in the bike’s attached basket. Only one child can ride the bike at the same time—no exceptions.

5. Make sure your child is not wearing headphones while riding:

Your children must be able to clearly hear all the oncoming traffic. If any equipment or machinery falls out of the ears of your child, it could definitely lead the wheels to be twisted, causing an accident.

6. Make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing:

Your child should make sure to wear a closed-toe and sturdy shoes. No bare feet or flip-flops. Loose-fitting and irritating dresses should be highly avoided as they can get caught in the spokes of the tire.

Riding on the road – Rules & Regulations

Learning the protection and safety can highly assist in ensuring safe bicycle riding for a lifetime. Before your kid starts to ride, make sure to teach her or him all the rules & regulations of riding, including;


Bike riders should definitely know how to make the right use of hand signals. These are utilized for letting the car drivers understand what bicyclist actually plans to do.
Hand signals generally include:

Left turn: The left arm must be expanded straight out

Right turn: The left arm is usually bent up completely at the elbow, or the right arm is expanded straight out

Stopping: The left arm should be bent down simply at the elbow


The bike riders should watch for cars always that are coming out of parking spaces, parking lots, or driveways.


Bikes should be ridden in the right direction of traffic always, never against the traffic. They should be ridden simply on the right side of the street or road.


Bike riders should obey and understand all the street signs, crossing signals, and traffic lights.


A lot of bicycle-related accidents resulting in death or injury are basically associated with the behaviors of the bicyclist, including the things like riding into a road without stopping, not wearing a safety helmet, running to stop sign, riding the wrong way, or swerving into the traffic, etc. To maximize your child’s security, make sure to follow all the above tips & tricks and other rules & regulations.

Happy Riding!

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