This is Why Businesses Need Enterprise VPNs

Everyone knows that a VPN makes browsing safer, and it should be used widely. Nevertheless, not all business owners understand why this network technology is so important for their businesses in particular.

In this article you will find the answers to the questions: Why do I need a VPN? Why is my company’s website blocked? Let us talk about how many times you have encountered one of these situations: 

1) You can’t access your company’s intranet site outside of working hours; 

2) Your employees cannot connect to your corporate mail server from home or using mobile devices; 

3) When connecting to your office’s Wi-Fi hotspot via an unprotected open network (public Wi-Fi), users are constantly bombarded by hacker attacks.       

All of this may seem like an inconvenience to you because when it comes down to a VPN, you need security and privacy. Therefore, any time you try to access your company’s intranet site outside of working hours or connect to your Wi-Fi at the airport in another country with your tablet, the request will pass through a safe VPN tunnel – protecting all data about your business that could leak if intercepted by interested parties.

The employees’ inability to connect to their work mail server from home most likely means that the office firewall is blocking port 25; this is where SMTP mail traffic takes place between servers (to send emails). How can we solve this problem? The answer is simple: use a VPN. A secure network tunnel set up between the company’s mail server and your employees’ computers or mobile devices, which means that all data will always be safe in transit.

Another problem you may encounter is when connecting to your office’s hotspot without a VPN connection (what people often refer to as “hotspot surfing” or “Hotel Wi-Fi”). Although being able to connect for free sounds tempting, it is not really worth it if users are constantly attacked by hacker attempts. Even if a user manages to outsmart hackers with his/her security, this still puts a huge risk on an enterprise’s IT infrastructure – especially when clients access their work mail account outside of work hours. In this case, the VPN connection will create a safe tunnel between the user’s device and your company’s server – protecting it from external attacks.

But what if you are just an individual who wants to browse some websites in public? Why should you use a VPN then? When surfing on open Wi-Fi without proper protection, users’ information may be intercepted by hackers that may buy them with the intent of stealing valuable data. What is even worse is that they could gain access to your PC or mobile device via malware installation and see all personal data stored on your devices (your passwords, logins etc.). This is why using the best VPN available should be among your top priorities when browsing online.

Use a VPN if you want to: 

1) Keep your data and your business safe; 

2) Protect yourself when using Wi-Fi in public or working outside of office hours;

3) Surf the web without worrying about hackers stealing valuable information.

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