“This Zoom Call Changed My Destiny”. Meet the ‘Exit Lifeline’ App Aggregator Bluethrone offers to Mobile Developers

If you are lucky enough to have a great app but you’re ‘waiting’ for it to grow, you’re really being taken. Your app demands more capital, marketing, and maybe even UA. And the way competition is going, it can only get worse. That’s the reason for Bluethrone’s existence and here’s how you find how much your app is worth…

So, you’ve built an app with the most outstanding features. You’ve launched it on all leading app stores and can’t wait for users to get their hands on it.

But weeks turn into months, and you still can’t figure out why people aren’t using your app as much as you’d expected. You rack your brains to identify new features that could provide more value to users. Also, you start looking for ways to spread the word about your app.

The Bleak Reality of App Development

Amidst that rigmarole, you lose touch with what you set out to do in the first place. Your dream of enriching people’s lives with innovative mobile apps takes a backseat. Worse still, you might feel like you’re stuck with the project, and lose all interest in it.

But pursuing a career in app development doesn’t mean you’re setting yourself up for failure. You simply have to know when it’s time to find the right way to move to your next project.

That’s where Bluethrone – a much-talked-about aggregator of Android and iOS apps – steps into the picture.

With Bluethrone, your apps get a new lease of life while you continue to build your portfolio by creating more sophisticated apps.

So, how does Bluethrone work? And in what situations should you consider their services? Let’s find out.

An Exit Doesn’t Have to Be the End

As an app developer, you’re driven by the natural urge to reinvent your skills with new apps. You want to set new goals, overcome challenges, and push your boundaries. Getting caught up with a particular project doesn’t quite fit that scenario.

Apart from being detrimental to your portfolio, it also results in wasted financial resources and effort. Sometimes, the wiser move is to liquidate your assets and start working on a new project.

But if you’ve worked for months to build an app, you wouldn’t want to abandon it outright. That puts you in a vicious cycle of app marketing and maintenance.

Alon Waller (the company’s CEO) understands the struggles app developers experience. As an entrepreneur, he has also faced similar obstacles while trying to set up and grow multiple FBA stores on Amazon.

After a period of impressive initial growth, Waller found his career becoming stagnant with the ‘platform entrepreneur’ syndrome. He struggled to nurture and promote all his stores. So, he decided to close all his underperforming stores.

Little did he know that a couple of years later an Amazon aggregator would emerge to provide store owners with a better way to cash out.

It made Waller realize that developers of product-market fit (PMF) apps also need similar aggregator services to climb greater heights in their careers.

A Closer Look at Bluethrone

Headquartered in Singapore, Bluethrone boasts a team of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts. They’re on a collective mission to find, acquire, appreciate, and grow Android and iOS apps.

Bluethrone’s analysts use sophisticated AI-powered acquisition algorithms to identify apps that are worth buying. They use various metrics, such as user retention and revenue per download, to evaluate an app.

Once the company acquires an app, they focus on turning it into a category king. That involves revamping the UI/UX, as well as identifying new monetization models. Also, they heavily invest in content creation, distribution, and other app marketing strategies.

It absolves developers of the frustration of abandoning a project they worked so hard to build. Nor do you have to worry about growing the app and attracting new users.

You get a hassle-free way to cash out and explore new possibilities in the ever-evolving world of app development.

An Easy Start to a Seamless Exit

The good thing about Bluethrone is that it simplifies the process of selling your app. The website has a free app valuation calculator that helps you find out how much your app is worth.

Once you’ve made up your mind, cashing out is as simple as getting in touch with their team to schedule a virtual meeting. You explain what your app is all about, and share the required metrics with them. 

The team evaluates these metrics and presents you with a sale proposal before finalizing the acquisition.

A New Lease of Life

For app developers, there’s nothing more rewarding than making the world better with innovative apps. But if you’ve been struggling with the cost and commitment of maintaining an app, your exit strategy is just a Zoom call away.

Bluethrone breathes new life into product-market fit apps and provides developers with a seamless way to cash out. With more than 9 million monthly active users, selling your app to Bluethrone ensures that it gets the traction it deserves.

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