Three Common Mistakes People Make Immediately After An Auto Accident

When people involved in accidents seek settlements, they are susceptible to making certain mistakes. Blindly trusting insurers and not doing your due diligence can significantly affect the settlement amount that you rightfully deserve. 

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In this post, we will discuss three common mistakes people make when trying to recover damages after an auto accident. 

Lacking Research

It is recommended to get an initial expert opinion in order to thoroughly comprehend your situation. For instance, if you’re looking at a case that involves multiple car collisions, determining liability can be difficult. Such cases require a keen eye and expert knowledge in order to collect the right information. Many people overlook this and try to fight it independently, only to realize they require legal assistance. For a trustworthy legal team to handle your case, go to

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every case requires legal representation. Several cases are settled swiftly. For instance, if you were in an accident and got out with minor injuries then you could easily settle as you’re unlikely to incur huge medical bills.   

On the other hand, if you’re looking at thousands of dollars worth of medical bills because of serious injuries, things might get complicated. Insurance companies hunt for loopholes to get away without paying you the settlement you deserve. 

Large insurance companies have the resources to hold up, deny, and diminish your claim to a point where you might feel like giving up. 

Engaging Before Taking Legal Opinion

The moment you submit your claim, you might receive several calls from insurance agents looking to obtain your recorded statement. Providing such information might backfire later. They generally do this by asking you to list the chain of events before, during and after the accident, along with details about the injuries you suffered. The problem here is that you might be already in distress and trust your insurer to do the right thing. In the process, the chances are that you miss an important detail or give them something that they could later use to deny your claim.  

For instance, let’s say that you left out a particular detail regarding your injury for which you’re currently receiving treatment. Maybe you were on medication, or maybe it was too soon for the doctor to diagnose that issue. Either way, it is highly likely that your insurer will tell you that you failed to mention those details earlier (in the recorded statement), and chances are they won’t release your claim. 

Falling For Insurer Persuasions

Many people maintain a great relationship with their insurers and pay for some of the best packages available. Although this works well for some people, you must always know that the insurance adjuster is never on your side. 

The objective of an insurance company is to earn as much as possible. This means they’re looking for reasons that will help them deny the maximum number of claims. You might be surprised to see how they change their attitude when it’s time to settle your claims. 

To Conclude

If you were in an accident and you’re looking to file claims with your insurer, you must keep a few important things in mind. Always do your research before engaging in any kind of paperwork with your insurance company. It is best if you take help from an experienced personal injury lawyer before filing your claim for settlement. Never fall for the initial cajolery that insurers use to persuade you.

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