Three Exercises to Lose Those Unlovely Love Handles

Love handles have such a catchy name, but it is very unsightly having fat accumulating on the sides of your abdomen. We focus on getting the best abs exercises to get ripped and a hard rock abdomen, back exercises to get those nice ripped traps and lats, but what about the love handles? With the right targeted workout accompanied by some scivation xtend supplements, you will get rid of those love handles.

The best exercise to target the love handles

Like any workout, the best way to get rid of the love handles needs to be paired with the right diet and exercise. And if you include some supplements, this can help you attain your goal faster. Below are the three exercises you can incorporate to get rid of those unsightly love handles.

  1. Try some bicycle crunches.

It is a very good exercise to target that stubborn fat accumulating on your sides. You will need to begin by lying flat on your back with your hands behind your head; you should have your knees bent; you are now in the ready position for the bicycle crunches. In this position, lift your back and shoulders off the ground and move your knees towards your elbow. The right knee directed to the left elbow then changes to the other side, ensuring both your knee and elbow are meeting at the middle of your body. As you do the exercise, your abs need to be engaged. It’s a two in one kind of workout.

  1. Some Knee drop exercise

After doing a few sets of bicycle crunches, you can now do the knee drop exercise. While still laying on your back, try and lift your legs into a tabletop position, ensure you are having your calves parallel to the floor while your knees have been aligned over your hips. Try and squeeze your legs together while engaging your abs and inner thighs like creating some resistance. Then slowly drop your knees to the right, remember your back needs to be flat on the floor while your abbs remain tight. Then bring your knee back to the centre and slowly move to drop your knee to the left.

  1. The plunk up-downs

Just as you would do a normal plunk, ensure you keep your arms beneath your shoulders. Tighten your abs and bum, then slowly lower one arm to your forearm, then follow with the other arm. Then slowly move back to the plunk position doing one arm after the other; it is a modified version of the plunks you are used to; ensure you don’t rock your hips, and your abs should always be engaged.


These three exercises should help reduce the love handles; try and incorporate the three in your daily workout routine for best results. Begin with 20 reps for three sets, and as you get comfortable, you can add the intensity. Now, these workouts paired with scivation xtend supplements, the love handles will be gone in no time.

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