Three reasons why LED shop lights can save your business money

LED shop lights can help reduce your business costs. Every successful business pays attention to the price at which they can sell their products to compare that with the costs they have to incur to guarantee their clients receive quality at competitive prices. 

And that’s the thing, that you can offer excellent prices when your costs are reduced. Something you can do with LEDs. These lights are a perfect match for supermarkets, shops, and every business using wide areas to run their normal processes. Just make sure you get the best deal on LED shop lights.

These are the reasons behind that:

1. Energy saving

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) consume less energy than its counterpart: incandescent bulbs, and compact fluorescent lightbulbs. In other words, LEDs can emit the same amount of brightness as the others without that much electrical current.

This translates into paying less for electrical energy which can make a big difference when competing fiercely with other companies. Don’t LEDs have a higher upfront price than the others? That’s true but you can distribute that cost in time because of the electrical bill and it’s long life span.

2. Long life span

Incandescent bulbs need replacement every now and then, as much as the filament breaks (the bulb won’t work anymore) while CFLs need replacements one or two times a year.

This contrasts a lot with the LED shop lights as they can last around 10 years. Lepro, for instance, offers a 5 year warranty to their clients. If you divide its price between its useful life, and compare that result with the one you get when calculating the same thing for incandescent bulbs and CFLs, you will see how much you are saving from reducing costs.

As you can see, you would save money by:

  • Reducing the hassle to change bulbs that frequently
  • Save money by buying less lights for your business

3. Broader light

One of the drawbacks LED lights used to have against CFLs was the broader beam of light. However, the continuously evolving technology solved that already and now LEDs can offer great options to cover wide areas like those used by supermarkets and shops.

More on that, to cover even larger areas, you can link these shop lights one next to each other. Most of the time, you would be able to link up to 8 units. 

Closing words

In any case, you can make your own judgments by checking how many lumens they have against the watts they consume. Just in case, the lumens are the amount of light a bulb emits and watts is a unit to measure electrical current. Thus, the more lumens per less watts wins the game. Spoiler alert: LEDs lead the way.

Summarizing, doing the math will get you to the point that LED shop lights are better than the other options because:

  • It uses less energy
  • Last longer
  • It can light wide areas

All of them help you reduce your costs while having a well-lit business. 

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