Three Tips to Effectively Market Your Business This Christmas

When businesses think about Christmas marketing, they imagine some of the big campaigns that the large corporations spend millions on. However, you do not need to run a large conglomerate to effectively target your customers during this holiday season. Broadplace, the creative digital marketing agency, offers three tips for effectively marketing your business during Christmas.

1. Learn about Christmas Shopping Behaviours

Before you can influence Christmas shoppers to shop at your business, you need to understand exactly how they shop. For instance, studies have shown that 70% of shoppers in the UK use their mobile devices while they shop. This bit of info is useful if you have a physical store as you can then use NFC tech in your stores to improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Many shoppers use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Some of these platforms offer store owners to create storefronts on their platforms. Using these, you can sell your products directly to customers, and sell products directly to them via the platforms without them ever needing to physically visit your store.

These are just examples of how you can get customers to make more purchases during Christmas, simply by understanding exactly how they do their shopping.

2. Use More Social Media

Picking the right online marketing agency can help your brand connect with customers and make them feel like they have a closer tie. Christmas is a good time to strengthen those ties. There are many easy ways to do this. You can send out messages that fill the atmosphere with cheer, or you can even post helpful tips to help your customers deal with certain Christmas-centric issues. You can share pictures of your products or decorations in-house. You can even host contests on your social media page and offer gifts, discount codes, or high-value vouchers.

3. Make It Easy For Customers to Shop With You

Shopping during the Christmas holiday season can be a very stressful experience for many. A smart way to get your customers to you during this season is to make the process of shopping with you as seamless and flawless as possible. If you can, start preparing for the season a few weeks early and set up special processes to bear the load. Test those processes to be sure they work. If your store is online, buy more bandwidth to make sure shoppers will definitely have access to your site without any downtime. If your store is physical, consider hiring more staff to manage the extra customer turnout. If you can make your business one that makes Christmas shopping easy for customers, those customers will be more likely to recommend you to others.

Shopping during the Christmas holiday season can be a period where your business can bring in many new customers and generate a lot of sales. Use the tips above to create a more effective Christmas marketing campaign today.