Three Ways Online Casinos Could Harness AI

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence” (CC BY 2.0) by mikemacmarketing

For some time now, artificial intelligence has been a decidedly hot topic across a huge range of industries and sectors. For some people, it represents the future in which machines and computers will be able to take on ever-more complex tasks. For others, there’s a fear of humanity being outwitted and overrun by monsters of its own creation.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. But the undeniable fact is that no sector can afford to ignore its potential.

The online casino industry is a good case in point. Ever since the very first operators appeared in the 1990s, it’s a sector that has deployed new technology to very good effect. So it’s perfectly placed to leverage AI in a number of ways, as explored below.


A great deal of AI relies on being able to effectively crunch huge amounts of data. Unsurprisingly, this is something that all online casino sites gather in abundance. By using AI effectively it means it will become possible to offer an increasingly personalized service, ranging from targeting casino promotions with pinpoint accuracy to building even more nuanced profiles of their customers.

It’s in the former of these examples that some of biggest benefits could emerge. Currently, the typical approach is to offer a range of promotions that may include free spins on slots, entry into special prize draws, and “recommend a friend” promotions. These tend to be offered on a take-your-pick basis designed to offer something for everyone. But the enhanced data analysis that AI is capable of providing could mean that bespoke promotions for individual players may soon become the order of the day.


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Another aspect of online casinos that both operators and players are highly invested in is the level of security of the site. In many ways, casinos are like banks that need to both receive and pay out money. They also hold a considerable amount of potentially sensitive information about their players. This means they need to maintain the highest possible levels of security.

The use of AI has helped a number of applications improve their security. These can include searching for data anomalies that could indicate fraudulent activity to providing advanced biometric security measures like iris and facial recognition to check the identity of players. At a time when simple passwords are beginning to pose weaker and weaker obstacles to hackers, it couldn’t come at a better moment.

Live games

One of the biggest success

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligen” (CC BY 2.0) by mikemacmarketing

es of recent years has been the introduction of the “live” online casino in which games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are streamed directly to players’ devices. Currently, these use human dealers but the introduction of AI-controlled avatars could be a real game-changer allowing for a greatly expanded number of games to be offered simultaneously.

While this may be a while off yet, there’s no doubt that both AI-driven personalization and security are already very much with us – heralding a brave new world for operators and players alike.