Thryv, Inc. Announces Improvements to CRM, Allowing Industry-Specific Organization for Clients 


Thryv, Inc. recently announced it had enhanced its customer relationship management (CRM) platform for more industry-specific communication. Starting March 1, clients were given access to new features, making it easier to scale each client or project to both their industry and the work that needed to be done.

The company is the provider of Thryv® software, and a leader in the small business community. Their software provides a true end-to-end customer experience for small business owners. This improvement is perfectly aligned with their mission to give clients more structure while making every interaction with the company that much more relevant to all parties.

One-to-Many Configuration

A one-to-many configuration is the key feature enhancement to this updated CRM software. Thryv clients now have the ability to consolidate multiple cases, individuals, jobs or projects under the same contact, allowing business owners to customize the Thryv software and streamline the workflow for each contact.

Thryv software had already been configured for a variety of industries, which allowed users to organize contacts based on their specific needs.

Prior to, for instance, a pediatrician might’ve had three children with separate accounts even though the same parent was responsible for insurance information and payments. Or a contractor who’s renovating both the kitchen and dining room of a homeowner, yet had to store these jobs separately. This cumbersome workflow doesn’t just frustrate business owners, it frustrates customers who might be receiving duplicate communications (or worse, none at all).

Thryv is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for small businesses to operate, which is why they now offer even more options and customization features. Thryv, Inc. CEO and President Joe Walsh has always pushed for elevating their products and services to the next level.

Key Vertical Segments

Thryv knows that businesses are unique, and not every business will use the software in the same way. That’s why Thryv’s CRM provides practical ways to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) keep everything aligned. Whether a business owner primarily relies on Thryv to invoice clients or to automate their communications, the new CRM reduces the odds of an error or miscommunication on either side of the transaction.

Thryv’s enhanced CRM is tailored for these key vertical segments, making it adaptable to nearly any business:

  • Properties
    • Contractors, real estate agents and property managers can all use Thryv to keep track of different properties in their portfolios. For instance, a property manager might link units together in the same building to avoid confusion with other locations they may be managing.
  • Students/Children
    • Anyone who works with young children can organize their CRM based on the parent of the child rather than maintaining separate contacts. This is important for daycare managers or tutors who want to streamline communications with parents.
  • Pets
    • Vets, dog walkers, groomers and pet daycare centers can all use Thryv to keep animal accounts organized. This way, if a client has a dog and a cat under the same vet, they’re not given two separate bills for the same office visit.
  • Cases
    • Doctors, lawyers and insurance agents are just a few professions that deal with different caseloads every day, but many of these cases will have some degree of overlap. For instance, a lawyer could easily be managing a civil case and a criminal case for the same client. Thryv makes it possible to track information under the same handy location.
  • Projects
    • This is something of a “catch-all” category that could be applied to any owner who accepts different projects. Graphic designers, wedding planners, writers – nearly any specialist can manage different aspects of projects with this easy-to-use software.
  • Vehicles
    • Professionals who work with cars can use the new CRM features to keep track of people via their vehicle. This can apply to oil change services, general mechanics, or resellers. For instance, if a client wants to purchase a car and a motorcycle from a used-car dealership, the small business owner can track both transactions under the same category.
  • Leads
    • Professionals like consultants, salespeople and investors often work based on opportunities or leads, as opposed to projects. Thryv provides them with an easy way to categorize (and prioritize) so it’s less likely anything will fall through the cracks.
  • Accounts
    • Retail owners, financial services and designers might all group clients based specifically on accounts rather than projects or contact names. Business owners can choose the format that makes the most sense for them based on the services or products they provide.

Changing the Settings

Adjusting the settings, adding new contacts, and tagging different categories are all made simple with the enhanced CRM available from Thryv. Searching, automating and delegating has never been easier. Business owners can easily touch base with customers through automated emails or assign projects to staff members to promote teamwork.

VP of Product and Marketing Ryan Cantor has said: “The launch of Thryv’s CRM enhancement is transformational for our clients, and one of our top requested improvements.”

Small business owners are already seeing improvements in day-to-day workflow. Scheduling appointments, attaching documents and making payments are all that much easier.

Cantor arranged for clients from a variety of professions to participate in testing groups. This allowed Thryv to gather more information about each client’s individual needs. Air duct cleaners and party planners alike immediately saw the organizational benefits of reconfiguring their client lists. It’s opened new doors to them and given them an even more favorable view of Thryv.

About Thryv Holdings, Inc.

Thryv Holdings, Inc. owns the easy-to-use Thryv® end-to-end customer experience software built for growing small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that helps over 40,000 SaaS clients with the daily demands of running a business. With Thryv®, SMBs can get the job, manage the job and get credit. Thryv’s award-winning platform provides modernized business functions, allowing SMBs to reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster and generate reviews. These functions include building a digital customer database, automated marketing through email and text, updating business listings across the internet, scheduling online appointments, sending notifications and reminders, managing ratings and reviews, generating estimates and invoices, and processing payments.

Thryv supports franchise operators and multi-location business owners with Hub by Thryv™, a software console that enables businesses managers to oversee their operations using the Thryv® software.

Thryv also connects local businesses to consumer services through our search, display and social media management products, our print directories featuring The Real Yellow Pages® tagline, and our local search portals, which operate under the®,® and URLs and reach some 35 million monthly visitors. For more information about the company, visit

Thryv delivers business services to more than 400,000 SMBs worldwide that enable these SMBs to compete and win in today’s economy.

On March 1, 2021, Thryv announced it closed the acquisition of Sensis, Australia’s leading digital, marketing and directory services provider, which helps Australians connect and engage through its leading platforms, digital consumer businesses (Yellow, White Pages, True Local and Whereis), search engine marketing and optimization services, website products, social, data and mapping solutions, and through its digital agency Found. Sensis is also Australia’s largest print directory publisher including the Yellow and White Pages.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Sensis has a sales presence in all states and territories across Australia.