TickTick Trader Review: Empowering Traders For Success

If you’re delving into prop trading, TickTick Trader is a name that’s likely caught your attention. In this comprehensive TickTick Trader review, we’ll dissect the key features, assess their potential for traders, and determine whether they live up to the hype.

A Brief Overview Of TickTick Traders

TickTick Traders is a prominent name in the world of prop trading, known for its innovative approach and trader-centric features. Founded by a team of seasoned trading experts, TickTick Traders was established to provide traders with a platform that empowers them to succeed in the dynamic world of trading. The founders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that TickTick Traders is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of traders, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Key Features Of TickTick Traders 

TickTick Trader is an exceptional choice for futures traders for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it offers a user-friendly evaluation process and maintains a reputation for consistent payouts, setting it apart from other prop firms in the industry. Additionally, TickTick Trader provides a range of account options tailored to suit varying trading styles, catering to active and aggressive traders. Its prompt and reliable customer support further underscores the firm’s commitment to transparency and efficiency.

Notably, traders can access a comprehensive suite of analytical tools, including Jigsaw Trader and Book Map licenses, enhancing their trading experience. With its innovative approach and dedication to trader success, TickTick Trader emerges as a leading choice for those seeking a reliable and empowering platform for futures trading.

TickTick Traders Account Types

TickTick Trader offers a range of trader funding models, each tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of various types of traders. The journey towards becoming a funded trader typically commences with an evaluation period, where traders demonstrate their skills and consistency. Upon successfully passing the evaluation, they advance to the TTTPerformance account. Three main types of accounts are offered: Evaluation Accounts, Express Plan, and Direct Accounts.

Assessment Account

Initial Assessment Account: The Initial Assessment Account offers an initial capital of $25,000 and sets a profit target of $1,500. It permits a maximum of four open positions while enforcing a daily loss limit of $500. This account is available for a monthly subscription fee of $145.

Higher Level Assessment Account: The Advanced Evaluation Account provides a capital of $50,000 with a profit objective of $3,000. Traders can hold up to 10 positions and are subject to a daily loss cap of $1,250. This account is accessible for a monthly subscription fee of $160.

Pro Assessment Account: The Professional Evaluation Account opens doors with $100,000 in capital and a profit target of $6,000. Navigate up to 14 positions with a safety net of a daily loss limit set at $2,500. This premium service comes at a subscription fee of $285 per month.

Traders can undergo account verification after successfully hitting their profit goals while adhering to trading regulations. Once confirmed, traders are awarded a Certificate of Achievement, a contract, and detailed guidance. This opens the door to the TTTPerformance Account, where they engage in trading under comparable guidelines, enhanced by an innovative Scaling System.

Dynamic Program

TickTick Trader offers the Express Plan for assertive traders who thrive in active trading. Priced at $99 for fifteen days, it allows trade up to 14 contracts. With a profit goal of $6,000 and a drawdown limit of $3,500, the Express Plan is designed for those seeking more intensive trading experiences. Notably, it liberates traders from daily loss limits. Upon hitting their profit target and adhering to the rules, traders advance to a TTTPerformance Account and receive a full refund of their subscription fee. It’s a fast track to becoming a funded trader.

Direct Path To Trading Success

Skip the evaluation phase and dive into trading with TickTick Trader’s Direct Accounts. Choose from the 10k Direct Swing, 25k Direct, or 50k Direct. Each account has specific trading guidelines and offers varying capital levels, limits, and positions. With these tailored pathways, TickTick Trader accommodates traders of all backgrounds, skill sets, and risk appetites, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive trading experience.

TickTick Trader Payouts

TickTick Trader provides competitive payouts to its funded traders. The payout structure may vary depending on the specific account type and trading rules. Traders who pass the evaluation phase and progress to the TTTPerformance Account can expect to receive a portion of their profits, typically with a profit split between the trader and TickTick Trader. The specifics of the payout structure will be outlined in the trader agreement provided upon completing the evaluation phase. Traders must review and understand the terms and conditions of payouts before entering into any agreements with TickTick Trader.

TickTick Trader Coupon Code

Opting for a platform like TickTick Trader is akin to laying a sturdy foundation for trading endeavors. It creates a groundwork for potential success and advancement in financial markets. This is precisely why we provide a distinct TickTick Trader coupon code review to assist you.

TickTick Trader Vs Other Trading Firms

TickTick Trader stands out among trading firms due to its unique evaluation process. Traders begin with an evaluation period, showcasing their skills before progressing to the TTTPerformance account. This sets it apart from many other firms.

In contrast, some trading firms like Take Profit Trader and Elite Trader Funding may require a direct capital investment without such an evaluation phase. This key distinction makes TickTick Trader a popular choice for those looking to demonstrate their trading abilities before committing significant capital. The variety of account options and evaluation models further cater to a wide range of traders, distinguishing it from firms with more rigid structures.

TickTick Trader Review: The Bottom Line

TickTick Trader stands out as a prop trading firm that prioritizes trader success for which it offers TickTick Trader coupon code. With a user-friendly platform, unique Express Funding Account, robust risk management tools, and diverse asset classes, it offers traders a comprehensive toolkit for success.

If you’re a trader seeking a platform that combines accessibility, robust features, and a supportive community, TickTick Trader is undoubtedly worth considering. Click here and get access to the tools and resources you need to thrive in competitive trading.

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