Tig Welding – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a proper tig welding guide? Or I guess you are searching for proper tig welding techniques.

You may need it to weld copper, titanium, or other types of metal. And you know tig welding also can be used to weld on your round metal or curves. And for that, you have to follow a proper guideline.

By following described tig welding guides, you will have a proper idea of tig welding and its using process. Besides, you will be able to ballast the pressure on welding your metals. You can even produce high-quality magnesium and aluminum welds when you have such a detail guide.

Let’s start exploring…

Tig Welding Guide: Things To Know

In this tig welding guide, you will get to know all the useful information regarding this popular type of welding. But at first, let’s know what tig welding actually stands for.

What is tig welding?

Tig welding is a process usually used for handling dodgy welds. It includes corners, round metals, curves, etc. On the other hand, tig welding handles at high temperatures, so that it can heat and melt your metal. Moreover, tig welding is used to weld thin stainless steel.

Advantages of tig welding

You will find a lot of advantages associated with proper tig welding. These advantages are not only for aluminum but also all kinds of metals.

  • Provide more specific control.
  • Assuage movement of metal’s joint.
  • Easy to use for almost all kinds of metal.
  • Especially useful for reactive metals.
  • Suitable for thin metals.
  • Safer than any other welding.

How to use tig welding

Tig welding is a multipurpose welding process used to weld almost all materials. This process is suitable for aluminum, titanium, and other alloys.

You can use this process for your construction, metal art, shaping alloys, repair, joining alloys, and so much welding work. Now, have a look at the processes that you have to go through in tig welding.

  • Prepare the tungsten electrode:

For your welding, you have to choose and prepare a tungsten electrode. There are many tungsten alloys. You can choose one which exactly works for you.

Please keep in mind that when you weld aluminum, the tungsten electrode will begin to form a ball. On the other hand, when welding steel, this will stay pointed.

  • Grind the electrode

Now, grind the tungsten electrode rod to a specific point. You should check the back of the electrode holder.

  • Specify the electricity option

You have to choose the AC option for aluminum, DCEN for stainless steel, and DCEP for balling the tungsten tip.

  • Use the gas

After specifying the electricity option, it is high time to turn on the gas. You have to keep in mind that argon is a highly preferable gas. You must consider the ionization potential of the gas.

  • Choose a sheet of metal

To make your welding pretty, you have to use sheet metal or a table so that the electricity can flow through the metal. Place the metal at the welding space.

  • Make sure your safety

To protect yourself from any kind of accident, you have to wear gloves, a specific dress, a helmet, and shoes before starting the welding.

  • Weld your metals

After taking all the preparation, it is time to weld your metals.

  • To start the welding process, press and start the arc on the alloy.
  • Pulse peak current adjustment and do pulse frequency adjustment.
  • After that, lift the slope and then make sure to pulse with adjustment.
  • Now, down the slope and trigger the selector switch for using the gas.
  • It is required to press the torch switch and after shielding the gas release the tig torch switch.
  • You have to press the tig torch switch when the main welding is completed.

Safety tips

Here are some tips for your personal safety.

  • Never forget to wear the necessary dresses, shoes, helmets, and gloves.
  • Use the minimum power.
  • Keep the materials neat and clean.
  • Being cautious about excessive heat.
  • Never melt the filler road directly.


In tig welding, the necessary materials are electricity, gas, the sheet of metal, and the welding machine. And here when you are working through tig welding, be aware to use electricity, gas, and tig welding machines.

A good tig welding machine is important for good welding. I hope you have a clear concept now on tig welding and you will be able to do your welding smoothly.

Good luck.

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