TikTok Watch History – How to Find TikTok Videos You’ve Already Watched

With an infinitely continuous feed of TikTok videos on your smartphone, it’s almost impossible to remember which videos you watched recently or yesterday. As a user, you might want to watch a recent TikTok that you came across in your TikTok app but you have lost it in a sea of TikToks hitting your feed. 

Fortunately, TikTok has provided a watch history page that lets you track and watch every video that you have watched on the app. This blog will explore how to find your watch history on Android, iPhone, and PC and refer back to your favorite videos. Let’s dive right in.

How to Find Your Watch History

TikTok has included a watch history feature in the app that users can use to find and watch the videos they have seen in the past 7 days. Here are the steps that you can use to see your TikTok watch history on Apple and Android devices.

  • On iPhone

Unlike other social applications, TikTok doesn’t provide a dedicated “Watch history” button in the app. But what if a user is looking to access the videos they watched a few days back or yesterday?

There is a way to do that. You can request your TikTok data file. This file contains your account’s information like profile bio, comments history, login history, followers’ list, and settings. This list also includes “Video Browsing History”, a list of TikToks you have watched. 

Here’s how you can request this file in the iPhone app;

    • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
    • Tap the burger menu (three lines) in the top-right corner of the screen, and tap “Privacy”.
    • Select “Personalization and data”.
    • Choose “Download your data”.
    • At the bottom, you will see a “Request data” button. Tap it.
    • You will get a data request confirmation. Tap on the “Download Data” tab to see the status of your request. TikTok usually approves a request within 24 hours. Till your approval, you will see “Pending” here. During this time your request is being processed by TikTok.
    • When the file is ready, tap “Download” to get your file. You will be redirected to a new browser window.
    • You might be asked to log in to your TikTok account and verify it.
    • A new pop-up window will appear. Tap “Download”.
    •  A zipped file will be downloaded to your device. If you don’t have any zip app installed on your iPhone, then you may transfer the file to your computer and open it there.
    • Once you have extracted the data from the file, you will have a list of .txt files. Open the one with the name “Video Browsing History.
    • You will have a list of all the videos you have watched on Tiktok. The list contains the date, time, and links to all the videos.
    • Copy and paste the links to individual videos in the browser and watch them.

The file will be available for four days only, after which it will be removed and you will have to make another request to get the list once again. 

  • On Android App

The process of seeing TikTok watch history is almost identical to the one for the iPhone app. Here’s how to do that step by step;

    • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
    • Tap the burger menu (three lines) in the top-right corner of the screen, and tap “Settings and Privacy”.
    • Tap on “Privacy
    • Choose “Personalization and Data”.
    • Select “Download your data”.
    • Tap on the “request data” button.
    • You will receive a message on the “Download data” tab. It will say that your request has been received. Once your request has been accepted then you will be able to tap the “Download” button and get the file downloaded on your phone.
    • Once the file is downloaded to your device, you can access it by going to “My files” or “Files”. If you can’t open it that means you have not installed a zip app on your Android phone. You can transfer the file to your computer and open it there.
    • The zip file will give you a list of txt files including the “Video Browsing History” file. You can copy and paste the links of individual videos on the browser to watch them.
  • On PC

Watching your TikTok history on your PC is probably the easiest of all the methods. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do that;

    • Open your preferred browser and visit TikTok.com.
    • Click the profile icon on the top-right and click “Settings”.
    • Inside the “Privacy” section, click “Data”.
    • In the “Select file format”, select TXT format. Click the “Request data”  button.
    • Click the “Download data” tab and see the status of your request.
    • Once your request is accepted, your file will be available for download. Click the Download button to download the file to your PC. 
    • Unzip the file to access all the data contained inside.
    • Open the “View Browsing” file to access the TikTok video details that you have watched previously.

TikTok Watch History Feature Missing

Recently, users have reported that TikTok has removed the watch history feature from the app. The reason is believed to be that Tiktok taking up too much space on the iPhone device. But there is no official statement came yet from the TikTok team. 

Hopefully, users will able to use the feature once the issue of space has been resolved. Until then, you may use one of the methods mentioned above to see your watch history on TikTok.

Final Words

While there are hundreds of thousands of TikToks published every single day, there are some that inspire us and give us so much enlightening information that we want to refer to and use to our advantage. This blog has covered 3 ways you can see your TikTok watch history to fuel your next amazing TikTok.

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