Why Pay Attention to Time Tracking Software Reviews?

Once you realize that owning a time tracking software program (and using it the right way) is an essential tool for gaining a competitive advantage and boosting your business, you must decide which one you want to use.

As the demand for such software increased, so did the number of makers. Features are becoming more advanced, prices vary, as do the functionalities of the programs. When presented with such a vast choice, it can be tough to decide which option is best for you.

While there are many different factors you should consider before setting your heart on your top time tracking software, today we’ll be focusing on what to look at when looking for this type of software: reviews. Why they are important, why you should check them out, and what they can tell you about the software.

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time-tracking software allows employees to record how long they spent on certain projects or tasks. Many industries today use time trackers, including companies that employ hourly workers and freelancers.

Professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants, who bill their clients by the hour, also use them.

Where Should You Look for Reviews?

Employee time clock software reviews are everywhere. If you haven’t yet decided on a specific program, we recommend you check software listing and review websites such as GetApp, Capterra, or G2. Additionally, there are many sites listing different alternatives to the product you might be looking at. They are also worth visiting.

If you’ve already shortlisted your selection, check their Facebook pages. Since Facebook and some other social media platforms have a review option, you might be able to see some honest opinions of current or former customers.

You should also explore forums like Reddit, where users hide behind online nicknames. Consumers tend to be more sincere and honest when nobody knows who they are.

Check out reviews image 494949494You could even contact some of them directly and ask them about their experience with the online timekeeping software program that you have your eye on.

The Internet is full of good and bad material. Do not assume that everything you read online is truthful or well researched. There are many fake reviews out there. Do your research and focus on the most reputable ones. You should also test the product before deciding whether to go ahead with your purchase.

What Can Reviews Tell You?

Web-based time tracking software reviews can provide a lot of useful information. Some reviewers really take their time and research each product thoroughly. Others, unfortunately, just skim the surface and do no more than tell you whether they were happy or unhappy with their purchase.

Try to look for those extensive reviews which provide information that can really help you decide which program to buy. Look for reviews with details on onboarding, installation, payment, upgrades, customer service, etc.

Every product or service in the marketplace has pros and cons. Don’t just seek out the pros of each software program. You need to find out what their cons are too. List them both next to each other and weigh one against the other.

Checking reviews is important because you can read about what companies like yours experienced. Did the time tracker they purchased meet their expectations? If so, why? Also, if not, why not?

Testing image 4994994Never buy a program before trying it out. Ask the seller what trial offers they have. Obviously, you won’t be able to try out everything on the market – it would take too long. That is why you should read as many reviews as possible so that you can make a shortlist of time trackers for testing.

Wrap Up

Whatever type of software you’re considering, you should gather as much information on them as possible. This includes checking reviews, browsing forums, comparison websites, and all other third party sites where you can find honest opinions from real human beings.

Also, many makers create comparison lists of their top 10 trackers. These usually include a neat table with a feature overview as well as a detailed description of each program. Some of them may be biased, so make sure your gather information on as many comparison websites as possible.


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