Tip & Tricks for Warzone Urzikstan Map

In the zone of royal battle, Call of Duty: Warzone always remains on the top niche. It is one of the most sought-after titles among players across the globe. However, some familiar features will be altered drastically in Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3. Instead of Al Mazrah, Urzikstan is the staple map for the sequence. The change in the map is substantial, making the gameplay more intricate and competitive. This action-packed, high-stakes game is breathtaking. Some players consider it to be a close mimic of a Hollywood action blockbuster. The terrain is vivid and extensive, consisting of the bombarded airport, abandoned town, and large open rock landscape.

Your skill set is not sufficient 

With new features, the competition has become more cutthroat. To win your skill set is not enough. Many of the opponents are seasoned veterans with awesome combat skills. In this circumstance, your win chance is slim without some hacks and cheats developed by cobracheats. With the introduction of Urzikstan along with the existing reappearance of Ashika Island and the Vondel map, the game emphasizes the theme of survival of the fittest and achieving it. You need a handful of effective stealth hacks and cheats. If you have tried this title without these indispensable tools, you comprehend how difficult it is to survive, let alone win it. These new terrains have added new elements of surprise and adventure to gamers.

11 points of interest (POI)

The new terrain features multiple points of interest (POI), each of which is a hub of intense fighting and troop movement. In the Warzone new map, there are eleven points of interest locations, including Levin Resort, Old Town, Low Town, Orlov Military Base, Seaport District, Urzikstan Cargo, Shahin Manor, Zaravan City, Popov Power, Hadiqa Farms, and Zaravan Suburbs. Gamers who played Call of Duty may be familiar with some of the locations.

Old town

The old town is located at the center of the plot, dotted with numerous deserted and ruined constructions; it is one of the most important strategic points of interest and a good hideout to ambush moving enemies.

Low Town

Adjacent to Old Town, there is a shantytown called Low Town, where you may encounter sniper and close combat, and it is an epicenter of tactical battle. It is a town of crowded buildings, making it a perfect ground for high-ground assaults.

Seaport District

Seaport District, as the name suggests, is the epicenter of water conflicts, and the area is enclosed by maritime buildings. You can find resources in this terrain as it is close to a waterbody or relinquish enemies through water highways.

Urzikstan Cargo

Urzikstan Cargo is considered to be the best vantage point of the new map. Anyone who is in charge of this area has control of Old Town, Seaport District and Popov Power. This place is crammed with industrial machinery, and players must be ready for deadly close combat.

Hadiqa Farms

Hadiqa Farms is the sole point of interest. It is located on the eastern side of Urzikstan and features a big open landscape. 

Shahin Manor

Shahin Manor is a mansion situated in the southeast part of the terrain; this structure is adorned with many lucrative types of loot, thus attracting flocks of players after the primary airdrop. 

Zaravan City

Zaravan City is identical to Al Mazrah town of the preceding Warzone map, with many skyscrapers standing close by. This city terrain is the perfect place for close to long-range shootouts, but snipers with aimbot hacks on rooftops of the high-rises have a strategic advantage over others. This hack delivers not only perfect aim but locks the target for a precise headshot at the pull of the trigger. 

Zaravan Suburbs

Zaravan Suburbs acts as an entrée point to Zaravan City. This area gives you a breathing point as the suburb is not as crowded as other points of interest. If you want to evade waterways for entry into Zaravan City, this is a safe option. 

Orlov Military Base

Orlov military Base is quite similar to the Countdown terrain of CoD4, situated at a high altitude in northern Urzikstan. The geographical location makes it one of the most crucial strongholds among the points of interest. 

Popov Power

Popov Power is an uninhabited landscape of the map, where most squads camp, rest, resupplies, and chalk out their next strategic moves. During the late stages of the game, this terrain could be a game changer.

Levin Resort

Levin Resort is the tourist attraction of the Urzikstan map and could be a deployment point and crucial stronghold. 

To win, you need to live

In Warzone, to survive and win, you need to shoot enemies fast and precise, but to do so, you need to find them first. The EFT hack is the obligatory tool for this purpose. This software allows you to scan the landscape and see enemies and objects, even if they are hidden behind solid objects. The hacks and cheats give you the requisite edge because it is not a casual, laidback game; to be alive, you need to be extremely attentive and penetrative. All these effective tools enhance your survival chances significantly, and to win, you need to live.  

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