Tips Choose the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

A wardrobe plays both a functional and aesthetic role in the bedroom. The bedroom’s overall look depends on the design, look, placement, and material used in building the wardrobe. All these attributes are essential and can influence the complete ambiance of the room.


Let’s know about few tips for choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom:

Choose your type:

While ordering the wardrobe for your bedroom, you need to have a look at its designs. The two types of cabinets can be considered here, i.e., a built-in one or a free-standing wardrobe. A custom or built-in wardrobe can take time for building, but it also gives the owner the freedom to choose the material and color with which it is finished and built. A free-standing wardrobe can be easily transferable from one room to another, and you can take it with you while you shift houses in the future.


The style of wardrobe matters as they should match the theme of furniture items and interiors of the house and be in sync with the bedroom’s overlook. If you are looking to pick up the color for the wardrobe design, then always go with the hues as they blend well with the house’s color palette.

Wardrobe material:

Wood is the standard material used in making wardrobes; laminates and acrylic can also be used. For choosing the suitable material, we should look for the theme of the room. For example, a room with wooden furniture requires a wooden wardrobe. If you are renovating a children’s room, you can try using an acrylic one.

Always make sure the material you use is durable to various weather conditions and can last long as the wardrobe, once purchased, is not changed often. Choose the wardrobe material cautiously as it protects the wardrobe content and adds a beautiful touch to your rooms.

Wardrobe size:

If your bedroom is of small size, look for a sliding or a single door wardrobe. The little cupboard can start from 60 cm wide if you opt for a single door and 95 cm wider if it is a two-door. It entirely depends upon the individual needs and the kind of storage you want.

Wardrobe interiors are also very much important. If you prefer folding your clothes, you will look for a wardrobe with good storage space. On the other hand, if you have lots of dresses and coats, you can opt for a taller wardrobe consisting of two rails. For better advice, you can check out FCI London to check out the latest wardrobe designs.

Three measurements are of utmost importance for sizing up any wardrobe, and they are height, width, and depth. Always measure the space available to you, and then allow 8cm above and 10cm at the side so that you have enough room for the assembly and hinges.

If you do not have enough floor space, you can use a sliding wardrobe. It will provide you more space in the room as there will be no outward opening doors.

Accessorize your wardrobe:

Few wardrobes do have accessories like fancy hooks and mirrors added up to their designs. It can enhance the aesthetic quality of the wardrobe design and increase functionality too. At the same time, an oval or round mirror is required for smaller wardrobes.

A rectangular mirror works best for the more enormous cabinets. Adding a mirror to the wardrobe design can save space and eliminate the mirror from your room.

How to maintain a wardrobe for the longer term?

  • If the wardrobe is made up of natural materials, you can consider setting it up away from the sun’s rays to prevent it from swelling and fading.
  • If you have a mirrored wardrobe for cleaning, always use a damp cloth or glass cleaner and diagonally wipe the whole door. Now use a dry cloth for swapping smears.
  • For cleaning the wardrobe, try using a damp cloth as the duster cannot clean it up. Always avoid using any abrasive chemical or harsh cleaner as it can damage the surface of the wardrobe.

The wardrobe style will depend upon your personal preference. Before you have your wardrobe installed, know what you are looking for and create a clever design meeting your requirements and complementing your room.

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