Tips to Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) Faster and Easier

PDUs stands for Professional Development Units. These are the units that you need to earn to show that you are invested in continuous improvement and ongoing learning. If you want the perfect guidelines regarding what is project management and what are continuing requirements to fulfill the criteria, it important to keep reading on the topic.

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In this article, how many units you would need and a few simple tips to earn PDUs. As time is ticking, let’s get started with the article.

How Many PDUs Do You Need?

If you hold PMI-ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP certification then you would require to earn 30 PDUs in the cycle of three-years. 15 PDUs if you hold CAPM certification. Thus, PDUs depends on which type of certification you have and knowledge regarding a specific topic.

It depends on which type of certification you hold such as if you hold PMP, PgMP, PfMP, or PMI-PBA certification, then you would need to earn up to 60 PDUs per three years. You can handle it by dividing them into 20 per year which would make 60 PDUs at the end of three years.

Tip To Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications

Do you know that if you have acquired multiple certifications then your PDU activity would count for each one? What a huge bonus it would be! In this way, you won’t have to earn a brand new PDUs for every certification. You just have to do a few professional developments which can earn you credit across your portfolio of various certificates.

To get double duty support of PDUs, always remember to report it against all your relevant certificates in the CCR. Ok, by now you might have got an idea about PDUs, so let’s look at how to boost your PDUs quickly and easily.

8 Tips to Earn PDUs

Many of the following tips are a free way to get PDUs and others are simple but comes with a cost. We have included loads of eligible activities, so let’s get started!

  1. Claim on pre-course work

If you are doing any of the online as well as an in-person training course, then you may receive some pre-course assignment which you have to do outside of the class time. The time you spend reviewing the course material that can be claimed as self-directed learning. This is considered the simplest way to understand project management statistics and facts to earn PDUs.

  1. Give work presentation

If you had taken any of the online courses or have attended any of the webinars, then offer your team a 15 minutes summary about the topic you have learned. Here, you have to include the important set of knowledge that you have learned from the course. You would have 0.25 PDUs in your hands by sharing the knowledge.

  1. Listen to PDUs podcast

This is one of the easiest ways to earn PDUs, let’s see how! First of all, you have to sign up for the PDU podcast then get a video webinar delivered to your device per month. Further, you have to get your PDU certification and the last step, enter the claim code into the CCR system.

Now, you see the PDUs are already pre-approved as they come from registered PMI training providers. In this way, you would surely know that PMI is going to accept them. Moreover, you would also get to know that which webinars cover what talent triangle areas. Thus, it is called the easiest way to earn PDUs.

  1. Job Claim

By simply doing your job, you can earn PDU. If you are new to earn PDU then this would be the simplest way to earn it. You can count on your professional service working hours regarding maximum requirements for giving back by having a job in any kind of project delivery role, PMO role, or else any of the similar industry. Moreover, to earn PDU by this type of claim, you can use a copy of your job description.

  1. Attend meeting

Can you earn PDUs by just attending a meeting? Yes, you can! According to the survey, PMI would only let you earn 1-2 PDUs for organization meetings per the renewal cycle of certification. Thus, for earning this, you have to go through the schedule of the upcoming meetings.

It depends on you that whether joining the meeting can earn you enough or not. Moreover, some meeting does have a particular fee, and some offers events free to members and would charge non-member.

  1. Take a course

If you hold more than one certification then taking a class is one of the easiest ways to earn PDUs. You would be able to break the PDUs and utilize them for counting them towards the various re-certification requirements.

The most recommended one is to have an online instructor-led course that would fit in with your work responsibilities. However, project management training will count more in the salary. You can choose any course ideal according to you.

  1. Contribute your knowledge to the wiki

If you already have a login to wiki then you can contribute your knowledge regarding project management to the world. Or else, you can also contribute it to the wiki, and share whatever you know. However, if you contain an in-house wiki then would also count for earning PDUs.

  1. Reading

Are you a reading freak? If yes, then why don’t you share this with PMI for earning PDUs. Generally, the membership of professional one comes with a journal as well as a magazine. Or else, if you read books then that also counts. There’re are various excellent project management book out there which can help you to earn PDUs.

Just don’t forget to note down whatever you are reading and what you are learning so that you can pass a piece of valid information to PMI.

Final verdict

Thus, above was everything regarding the tips of earning PDUs in a faster and easier way. PDUs are considered much helpful for having a bright career with PMP Certification having said that project PMP certification comes with validity. This would reflect that how much professional and continuous learner you have been.

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