Tips for Building a Salesforce-Led Career

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Salesforce is one of the most powerful commercial tools anywhere in the world right now. It’s not just the functionality it offers its users in terms of tools like Salesforce CRM, but also the amazing scope of career opportunities that it offers those who are willing to gain certifications and other credentials relating to this amazing platform, such as becoming a Salesforce administrator in your existing company or another organisation.

In fact, if you want to get started with your Salesforce career, there have never been more options than there are now.


  1. Get Certified

While the first step is obviously resolving that you will become a Salesforce-certified professional and garner all the benefits that comes with that mission, the first practical thing you have to do is pass a certification. Some are tempted to skip certification, hoping instead to build up enough knowledge and experience to use that alone.

While knowledge and experience are paramount, the addition of certification is a step that cannot be skipped for those who are serious about placing Salesforce capabilities at the centre of their new career path. Studying the materials, completing the tasks, and gaining certification is the best way to get your foot properly in the door. It’s quite likely that those looking for Salesforce professionals will ignore candidates without the proper certification.

  1. Attend Salesforce Events

There are numerous Salesforce official events that one can attend, which some may dismiss as unnecessary junkets, but they couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re serious about placing Salesforce at the heart of your career, then these events have a great deal to offer you, especially World Tours, TrailheaDX, and Dreamforce.

The events are an excellent chance to network with other Salesforce professionals, not to mention to get to know the very latest info and best practice information from those who know the Salesforce ecosystem best of all.

  1. Soak Up Salesforce Media

Take a look at your Podcast selection, and count how many Salesforce-related casts you are listening to on a regular basis. If you have none, then you are making a big error. You should at least have the official Salesforce Admin Podcast as a regular feature of your playlist. You not only pickup useful knowledge and insights, but the podcast also regularly features information on how to get started in Salesforce admin careers and more.

If this is going to be your next big career move, then you need to soak up as much of the available media as possible, both official and unofficial. Sure, you’re bound to filter out some of the lower-quality content over time, but you have to take that initial plunge to see what’s really on offer.

  1. Join an Online Salesforce Community

Another key step is to join in with online communities populated by aspiring and current Salesforce administrator professionals. These exist on Facebook and other platforms, and will provide you further insight and understanding into the industry and available careers. It also adds another dimension to the networking aspect, allowing you to connect with other professionals when there are no events happening or coming up soon.

  1. Keep Learning About Salesforce

Finally, since Salesforce is an evolving service and platform, your own learning and growth on that platform should be never-ending. Too many aspiring professionals make the critical mistake of thinking that gaining certification is the end of the learning curve. This is simply not the case. You should keep yourself open to attend professional development activities related to Salesforce, not to mention the ongoing effort to keep yourself updated on all the latest advancements and insights from Salesforce leaders and practitioners.

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