5 Invaluable Tips for Field Service Managers

Field service management is the complex coordination of field operations through a mobile, traveling workforce. If you are thinking about starting up and managing your own team, it is essential to encourage your staff in the field to regularly check in and coordinate with you. This is to ensure all your field staff are afforded the most comfortable and practical means of travel to and from the site. However, is there an easy way to do this and become the best in the industry? The answer is yes.

Tips for Field Service Managers
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Here are five important and invaluable tips for field service managers and workers to help you.

1. Field Service Management Software

Field service maintenance software is less of a support system and more of a necessity in order to ensure you have a tight grasp on all of the onsite activities taking place, as well as ensuring your site is compliant with all health and safety regulations and individual job site requirements.

2. Eliminate Manual Tasks

Instead of using endless clipboards, notepads, and paper files to store important information and data-protected sensitive knowledge, providing your on and offsite technicians with a mobile application eliminates the need for time-wasting manual tasks.

Switching entirely to digital data input also increases the environmentally friendly levels of your business and will prevent costly mistakes and errors when data is re-entered incorrectly.

3. Become a 24/7 Accessible Field Management Service

Customer expectations have changed enormously in the new age. Technology is most definitely the proverbial king, and, subsequently, your contractors and customers alike will expect real-time tracking information, instant communication and responses when issues arise, and a twenty-four-hour, seven days a week speedy response time when reporting a problem.

4. Supporting Your Staff Supports You

When you spend valuable time encouraging, motivating, and effectively managing your staff, especially when they are field-based rather than in the relative comfort of the office, you will find your job as field manager becomes significantly easier once you open the lines of communication between you and your employees.

As your field staff are spending most of their working day without the physical supervision of yourself or any of your supervisors, it would be impossible and entirely unrealistic to ensure that every hour of their working day is spent as productively as it could be. However, always ensure you set your field employees realistic and manageable targets and deadlines and never let them get away with a missed deadline.

5. Study and Learn From Your Competitors

Digital software can identify gaps in the market and encourage the pursuit of niche target audiences that you would otherwise be unaware of. There are a multitude of ways, having identified which companies appear to be making more impactful strides within the industry, in which you can strive to emulate their success. These include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Modernizing the services and products you offer
  • Modifying your suppliers and manufacturing processes
  • Upgrading your customer service and customer satisfaction levels
  • Investing in your marketing and advertising strategies
  • Reevaluating your price margins and price points
  • Updating your social media channels and website

Take guidance from the above tips and you should find success.

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