Tips for Finding Affordable Health Insurance as an Expat Living Abroad

When moving abroad, it is not always clear whether or not you will need private health insurance. If you are moving to a new country for full-time work, you may be entitled to public healthcare. However, this usually requires you to register as a permanent resident or even start paying local taxes. If you have a job offer lined up already, you may have private healthcare offered by your employer. But this may not cover health expenses for your family or loved ones traveling with you. 

As an expat, having a reliable and good health insurance plan is important. It will help you with your peace of mind and financial security. 

Factors that Make a Good Health Insurance Plan for Expats

There are many options available, which makes it difficult to find a good health insurance plan that is affordable.

Comprehensive Cover

A good health insurance plan will offer comprehensive coverage of everything you may need while overseas. These may include hospital stays, medical treatments, and access to emergency services. Make sure to find a plan that has a wide range of medical procedures and treatments. These services may be any prescription medications or specialist treatments you may need. 

Global Network of Facilities

Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance, said, “While living abroad, it is essential to have access to a global network of health services. These service networks can be clinics, medical specialists, and hospitals. A reliable health insurance plan should offer access to a wide network of providers. It will help you receive the best possible medical care whenever and wherever you are throughout the world.” 

Emergency Expatriation

As we have mentioned earlier, it is crucial to have access to medical expatriation services in case of a medical emergency. A reliable expat health insurance plan may also cover emergency transportation costs. The transportation can be to a medical facility or even to another country. This is when a limb or life-threatening treatment is required. 

Cost-Effective Options

There is a probability that the cost of medical treatment can be high, specifically for expats. Recent analysis also shows that prices are also increasing globally. With a good expat health insurance plan, you can get relief from any worry about medical expenses. They will cover all your out-of-pocket expenses related to the cost of medical treatment. 

Good Customer Service

The final point that makes a health insurance plan provider considerably good is good customer service. Make sure that the provider you choose offers excellent customer service. It includes that they provide you with a 24/7 helpline and also a dedicated customer support team. Having them around the clock will help you get help at any time of need. We all know that the process of filing a claim should always be pain-free and quick. 

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance Health

Finding an affordable health insurance plan, especially for an expat, is important. Here are some of the best tips you can follow to find one.

Note Down Your Needs

Rudy Bush, Founder at Wiringgerman, said, The first and foremost step to finding good yet affordable health insurance is to determine your needs. Note down your current and expected medical needs, as well as any pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, consider any other factors that may influence your insurance coverage. This may include where in the world you will need this plan. For instance, are you planning on settling in one country, or are you going to be a digital nomad planning to move around? Create a list of your priorities and what you are expecting from your health insurance plan.”

Compare Different Plans

Once you have determined your needs, it is time to compare different health insurance plans. Find plans that provide extensive coverage, access to a global network of providers, cost-effective payment options, and more. Consider the costs of different health insurance plans offered by different providers. Know and understand the excesses, premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses. It will help you to find the best possible plan within your budget. 

Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before you decide on a health insurance plan, take some time to read the terms and conditions. Make sure that you understand the conditions associated with each plan. It will include what is covered in the plan, what is not covered, any exclusions, and early termination clauses. Remember to pay full attention to any limits and restrictions that may apply. 

Get Referrals

If you want to find an affordable health insurance plan, you can also ask for referrals. Talk with your relatives and friends if they know any reputable and affordable plan provider. With the help of referrals, you can find insurance plans with full benefits good prices and in no time. 

Read Reviews

Research online and find reviews from other expats. This can be a valuable source of information when looking for health insurance. There are several websites online that provide general opinions from other insurance customers. Read testimonials and reviews from expats who have had a similar plan to the one you are considering. 

Make the Decision

Now, after considering everything, you are ready to make the decision. Select the health insurance plan that fulfills your needs and offers the coverage you need. Moreover, choose the one that has prices matching your budget. There are also some insurance providers that offer you a discount when you plan to pay for one-year insurance up-front instead of monthly pay. Although it is important to get a plan that fits your budget, decide on the one that offers you full coverage if something were to go wrong. 


In some countries, having international health insurance is a legal necessity for expats. Whereas some countries also provide treatment via the public healthcare system. Either way, many expats who are moving abroad choose to buy international health insurance. It helps them to make sure that they can get access to the best healthcare for themselves and their family. Choose the right yet affordable health insurance to save your money and get the treatment you need.