5 Tips for Throwing a Zoom Party

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in everyone’s life. With platforms like FaceTime and Zoom becoming the new way to get to know people, it is only a matter of time before online parties become even more abundant than they are now.

So, read these tips and tricks on how to throw the best Zoom party!

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1. Hire Outside Talent

Much like in-person parties, online parties can benefit from some outside talent to break the ice. Think about hiring a Zoom magician or a stand-up comedian to open up your party.

The entertainment only gives people something interesting to look at, but it can also serve as a conversation starter for people getting to know each other!

Try to opt for interactive talent like magicians as opposed to regular talent like singers. Having a paid professional bust people out of their shells is always a plus, especially in an online setting where it may be slightly more difficult to take that first step.

2. Play Games

Games hold a vital spot in all parties. Just because a party is online does not mean that you cannot play games!  In fact, online parties open up an opportunity for a greater variety of games!

For example, Quick Draw! is a fan favorite game involving one individual drawing something and all other members guessing it. Other examples of games include Among Us.

Setup is relatively easy, and as long as your guests know how to play, there will be good times all around!

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3. Small Groups

At any party, people tend to break off into smaller groups to converse. It could be tricky in an online setting where everyone is coming through one speaker. To mitigate this problem, it is a good idea to have randomized, shuffled small groups.

Therefore, people attending the party are randomly put into different groups every 15 minutes or so. They’ll get a chance to interact with everyone in attendance and have a personal conversation with them if they would like.

Be sure to place 3-4 people in each breakout group so that conversation does not die out nor become overwhelming.

4. Keep It Trendy

Another fan favorite activity at parties is to share new and funny memes. Ensure everyone can see the hilarious posts by sharing your screen.

You can also invite people to send in their memes/ videos and have other party members guess who sent the meme/video in! Consider giving out fun prizes to whoever comes up with the best post.

5. Activities

At many in-person parties, a host often sets up a type of activity table. Whether it be board games, poker, or arts and crafts. Online meetings don’t have to take away from this experience — in fact, they add even more of a variety!

You can offer guests an option of three different activities and, based on their answers, you can separate your guests into three different groups. Each group’s break-out room can show a video detailing how to do whatever activity, or each breakout room can simply have the access code to a game!

Throw the Best Online Zoom Party

The fact of the matter is that the Internet is the new reality. People are taking advantage of it to connect with others around the world. Online parties are a booming success, and they will only continue to get more and more prevalent.

Online parties do not take away from in-person parties. They offer a greater variety and easier attendance, since people just need to log on to their computer instead of commuting! Use these tips to throw a party your guests are bound to remember.

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