6 Tips and Hacks to Help You Get Rid of Man Boobs

Despite the changes and advancements in body positivity in recent years, many men are stigmatized for having man boobs. While most people consider it a result of being out of shape, man boobs can also be caused by a medical condition known as gynecomastia. The condition leads to relatively larger breasts in men and affects over 30% of men at some stage in their lives.

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Men with man boobs are eager to learn how to hide them or get rid of them permanently. Luckily, there are several options available for you to help eliminate and hide your man boobs. While you can choose to get surgery to remove the extra fat and glandular tissue, you can also use other tips and hacks. Here’s how to hide man boobs and feel confident.

Wearing compression shirts

Women aren’t the only ones who use discreet shapewear, but you can still find good compression shirts for men specifically created to help reduce gynecomastia. It’s a subtle and stylish solution to help hide your enlarged breasts. The shirt not only helps you with posture and back support but will fit nicely under your regular clothing. Ensure that you choose compression shirts with breathable material to avoid overheating while contouring your upper body.

If you want to hide your large breasts on a first date or special occasion, this style hack is perfect and will boost your confidence.

Chest exercises to eliminate excess chest fat

If you want to reduce your man boobs, you need to hit the gym for a while. Exercise is another excellent tip you can use to burn off the excess fat around your chest area, causing you to have enlarged breasts. With exercise, you should be ready to commit and invest in eating a low-fat diet to diminish the appearance of man boobs.

The best exercises you can try are bench presses, push-ups, supported dumbbell row, and dumbbell skier swings. If you’re new to exercising, then you should start with supported dumbbell rows. For dumbbell rows, begin by lying on your stomach on a bench at a forty-five-degree angle. Take the dumbbells in your hands and slowly pull up in a rowing motion. Simple chest exercises like these, when done repeatedly, will burn off the chest fat.

You don’t need to grab a full weight bench press or bench, but a simple tool like a set of dumbbells should get the job done well. Ensure to start slowly and don’t overdo it when you’re starting. Also, it’s important to remember that exercises are effective when done consistently at lower weights. Don’t strain to lift heavy weights as this can do more harm than good.

Like bench presses, push-ups are also a great workout routine to help eliminate man boobs. Push-ups help you get deeper with each press, and the exercise engages more muscles as you work out. Over time, you’ll notice that you increase your upper body strength, which helps eliminate the extra weight lingering around your chest area.

Wear dark-colored clothing.

One of the better and simpler ways to hide your man boobs is by revamping your wardrobe. By wearing dark-colored shirts, they won’t draw attention to your chest area. Dark-colored clothing is known to have a slimming effect but also has an additional advantage.

They help cut down the contrast between your shirt colors and the surrounding light, eliminating the signs and shadows that threaten to give away the shape of your chest. Ensure that you choose shirts with breathable material and ones that are comfortable, too.

Black, navy blue, and charcoal grey colors are great examples of shirts you can add to your wardrobe, and won’t only hide your enlarged breasts, but also match most occasions. If you want to go a bit brighter, a pastel grey shirt will also work to minimize the appearance of your man boobs.

Use nipple covers for men.

If you choose to wear brighter-colored clothes, then your puffy nipples would be easily noticeable under your clothing. To avoid this, you can also buy nipple covers that will flatten the nipples and make you appear as if you have a flatter chest. However, ensure that you buy nipple overs from quality brands that are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and breathable; you don’t want to add itchy nipples to your list of problems.

Wear more layers.

Another fashion tip that can help minimize the appearance of your man boobs is to layer effectively. Layers won’t only provide you with great warmth, especially during the cold seasons, but they will also help conceal areas like your chest area.

An advantage of layering your clothes is that you can also add some stylish complexity to your outfit, and even personalize your look more. Ensure that you choose outerwear that’s both seasonally appropriate and subtly obscuring your problem area.

Try taking supplements.

For many men, man boobs can be a result of increased estrogen levels in their bodies. Using estrogen blockers is also another way you can try to eliminate man boobs caused by hormonal imbalance. A good example is Androsurge, which can help reduce estrogen levels in your body. There are many supplements available, so ensure that you ask your doctor for the best supplement to take.

Put in together with a regular workout, you’ll boost your confidence, and you’ll have a noticeable difference in your appearance.

Man boobs or gynecomastia can hurt a man’s self-image. The good thing is that the condition isn’t permanent, and there are options available that can help you get rid of man boobs. With the above tips and hacks, you’re guaranteed to get rid of man boobs and gain your confidence back. However, it’s also important to note that you should see your doctor and determine the cause of your man boobs so that you’re better armed to know which options to use.

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