7 Inspiring tips to overcome any challenge in life

How challenging has life been for you?

I bet you’re about to say, ‘really challenging.’ Don’t bother saying it. I can relate. Life can get really messy. So messy you wouldn’t even know how to navigate yourself out of situations. But even then, giving up should never be an option. There are little steps you can take to get back on your feet.

I remember times the going got so tough for me; I would buy footprints in the sand wall art & decor and hang them on the walls of my room. I put them up because they brightened my mood and gave me reasons to keep believing. More like a PHYSICAL ANCHOR!

Footprints in the Sand - 7 Inspiring tips to overcome any challenge in life
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Without much ado, let’s get to discussing those inspirational steps I mentioned earlier.

7 Inspiring tips to overcome any challenge in life

  1. Learn from people with past experiences

No matter how difficult your life situation might be, there’s always someone out there who’s experienced something similar before. While navigating your own challenge, these are the people you want to find and connect with. The idea is to find inspiration from them. And also to learn a few things on how they managed to fight their war and come out alive.

You can find these types of people in your family, amongst friends, colleagues at work, or even within your local vicinity. If not, then you want to check with reality shows on social media, radio, or TV stations.

  1. Don’t expect much from outside

When the going gets tough, it’s always easy to imagine help is coming from somewhere. Maybe because someone has promised to come through, or you have an expectation of someone.

My advice is not to do this. Only you understand the significance of your situation. And to avoid further heartbreaks, always try to handle and manage the situation YOURSELF until you break through.

  1. Be reflective

It was you who made the decision that got you here. Meaning, only you can understand where things went south. Before anything else, you need to go into your deepest corner, reflect on every decision you’ve made before that moment, and figure out where you got your steps wrong.

Not only will this help your future decisions, but it will also give you a clearer view as to how to navigate your current predicament.

  1. Get away from social media

A time of challenge is not the time to be on Instagram, Facebook, and all of those things. (Sorry, Mark and Jack, but your apps aren’t great for everyone’s mental health).

You need to unplug from the social media world and face the real world (where your real battle actually is). The reason is because social media will only continue to remind you how much of a mess your life currently is at the moment.

For example, say you just got dumped by your girlfriend, and you’re having a hard time getting over them. Going to Instagram might make matters worse because over there, you might see videos of couples having fun and living the type of life you had wished for. Without a doubt, this will mess with your head, making it even more difficult to accept the reality of your life and move on.

  1. Find refuge in good company

While moving away from the social media world, you need to find refuge elsewhere. And that means reaching out to your most trusted allies – family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Get them on board with your situation and see whether they can be of help. Even if they can’t, having a good company around is always a good way to heal up fast and move on.

  1. Never stop trying

The challenging thing about challenges is they never leave the first time. Even after trying all measures, you may still find yourself rooted in that same spot – like nothing has changed.

For example, say you lose a job. You may try several places to land a new one and still come up with nothing.

One thing you shouldn’t do during these times is give up. Never do that. Just keep trying. You never know when the breakthrough might come.

  1. Be flexible – forge a new path

Is your challenge connected to unemployment? Consider having your own startup. Is it relationship-related? Why not go out and find a new girl/man? Or maybe you’re in debt? Why not speak with your creditors to see whether they can cut you some slack and create a new repayment plan for you.

Whatever it is you’re going through, always be open-minded to changes. In other words, always think of other ways to go about things.

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