Top tips for sending money instantly

Top tips for sending money instantly

There are a number of reasons people need to send money instantly. These vary from paying for goods, sending salaries to one’s staff to investing in properties, to funding the education of an offspring. Every year, as much as $69 billion is sent abroad from the U.S., the highest for any country.

There was a time when sending money instantly was a complicated and expensive procedure largely handled by banks. However, thanks to services like MoneyTransfers it’s become easy to save when sending money instantly. The advent of these new services has changed all that and sending money instantly is no longer difficult or expensive.

What makes a money transfer instant?

Instant money transfers mean that you should receive your money in under a minute. While this sounds unrealistic to some, it is highly achievable and ensures that you get your transfer exchange rate locked in.

Top tips to send money instantly

  1. Check the send destination of the providers supports instant money transfers.
  2. Check the exchange rate, fees are just one of the parts of the equation, so you should make sure that it’s not using a poor exchange rate. Comparison sites will help with this.
  3. Make sure the send time is guaranteed, you want to know that your recipient gets the money instantly, so make sure that you’re checking that your choice of provider.
  4. Send online, sending money instantly online is the only way to guarantee you’re going to get your money transfer instantly.
Top tips for sending money instantly
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Considerations when picking a money transfer provider

With a large number of international money transfer services competing among themselves to offer one the best services at the most convenient prices, one is spoiled for choice. So how does one decide which one to choose and who offers instant transfers? There are a few markers that can help one decide.

Price of transfer

The price of carrying out an international money transfer depends upon two factors-

  1. The international transfer fee.
  2. The exchange fee.

Different companies charge different money transfer fees with some even forgoing it completely. The kind of exchange fee charged by the service you use has a major bearing on your cost of international money transfer.

Time Taken to Transfer Money

Your choice of an international money transfer service is also dictated by the kind of time taken by the money to be transferred. International money transfer companies these days take anything between a few minutes to two or three days to carry out an international money transfer. Your choice of the service provider will likely depend upon the timeline you are comfortable with. Use a comparison site like MoneyTransfers to find a list of instant money transfer providers.

The Destinations Served

The most efficient international money transfer service will be of no use to you, if it doesn’t serve the destination that you want to send money to. If for instance you want to send money to Timbuktu in a hurry, you have got to be sure that the money transfer service you are going to use serves that destination

As to which are the best ways of sending money abroad let’s take a look at the most highly regarded international money transfer services when it comes to transferring money from the U.S. to Europe.


Transferring money abroad is something that happens all the time. With a plethora of cheap and efficient international money transfer services vying with each other to offer their services at the best possible terms, it really is a buyers market out there. All you need to do is to zero in on the one that you think suits your requirements the best. You could carry out the required research yourself or take the help of an international money transfer service comparison site to help you choose. CompareRemit is an example of such an international money transfer service comparison site that can help you compare money transfers from the USA to any destination, including Mexico. If you are sending money to Mexico, you can benefit from this site by getting the best Mexican peso exchange rate with CompareRemit. This online platform is widely acclaimed the world over.

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