Tips to Increase Instagram Followers on Business Accounts

In the US, the majority of the people are using Instagram and making content. But Instagram ain’t limited to just it, it is so popular in countries like India, China, Brazil and so many others. The age group of people that are actively participating and using this platform is 60% below 30 years. In that teenagers are the most active ones. 

The business account feature of Instagram is becoming very popular nowadays. It is like an unpaid marketing technique to invite people to your business platforms. Be it big business to consumer firms or small companies they are leaving a big mark using Instagram. The more audience you have, the more successful your promotions and marketing strategies will be. But the main question is how to get more followers on Instagram for your business account

Do you want to buy instagram followers or attract them? If you are thinking of buying then do you know the best sites to get cheap instagram followers. And if you wish to attract them organically what tricks you should use. All these questions of yours will be solved here. Let us dive into some amazing tips that you can use to increase your Instagram followers on business accounts.

  • Use Influencer marketing technique

Influencer marketing is definitely not a new concept but it has the power to lift your account and get you a lot of followers. Influencers are like rock stars that have the capacity to make the people crazy that will instantly follow your business account without thinking twice.

Influencers can give you the push that you need. If you check any famous influencers accounts you can see how big their fan base is as they also use Instagram growth services to gain engagement. If you are successful in getting at least 25% of that then you can do great for your business.

  • Use Geotags

Geotags means the location. If you add geotags on your posts then your followers will know your location. For marketers and business accounts adding location is a great way to inform your followers about the store and, where they can find the best products. 

You can add the city name, any landmark or even a photo related to that place. For local businesses location is a great way to increase engagement. All the people living in that area will go and check out the stuff in the store. Post something unique about your business so that people desire to see it in person.

  • Giveaways and Prizes

Instead of using money to buy Instagram followers, try hosting competitions and give prizes and giveaways. People will definitely check out the page and the post that is hosting a giveaway. Who does not like free goodies? Right? 

You can follow a marketing strategy by putting a condition that by tagging three of your friends you can get a giveaway. Those three friends will tag their friends and the chain will continue. This way you will not only get engagement but your followers will also increase.

  • Make the content more user friendly

Making user friendly content is very important if you want to stay active on Instagram for a long term. People like to see the content they want. Knowing the needs of the people is not easy. So how can you understand what they want? 

You need to research on different platforms. Talk to your friends and see what your competitor brands are doing to engage people. Sometimes basic content works for people. But at other times they need something sizzling. So be prepared to post based on people’s liking. This way your followers will definitely increase on your business account.


Have you seen accounts that follow back people and unfollow them after a day or two? Such accounts have the highest churn rates and people leaving. So, when you are a newer business adopt a strategy of following back people so that a trust factor starts to develop. Like the photos of your followers and engage with them. 

This will help you make some loyal customers that will bring more people to you later on. Be a big business account or a small account adding a personal touch is a great way to show people that you are genuinely concerned about what they want and what they need. These tips will definitely help you get more followers on your business account.

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