Tips To Make Your Car Speakers Sound Better

Today we are going to talk about several tips to make your car speakers sound better so you can make the most out of your music.

Set the Volume

The first tip is that if you have your phone connected to your car, your phone should not be volume up all the way and it should be down one at least. And this makes the smallest difference. However, it really does make a difference. It makes it less grainy and clearer when you turn your radio on your head unit up. Now, this is very minuscule, but it does make a difference.

Set the Settings

The second tip is for if you know the brand of speakers that you have and if you do, you can look up what hurts the speakers are happiest at.

If you go into your stereo sound settings. You probably will go to audio control, then you go to detailed set, and then you can click HPF and you can change what hurts. Set your speakers to now mind. There is a through option, which sounds the best for me.

But if you look up online, the brand of speakers you have and it says that your speakers are happiest at 100 hertz or 120 hertz, then choose that setting and it’ll make your speaker sound better.

Aftermarket Head Unit

The third tip I am going to share with you might be a little bit obvious, and that is to get an aftermarket head unit. That is because sometimes aftermarket head units have a built-In amplifier into them. So that means that whenever you hook your speakers up to your aftermarket head unit, then it will make your speakers louder and sound better.

Get an Amplifier

Another way to make your speaker sound better is to get an amplifier and connect the speakers to them. What that does is a same thing is a head unit because it makes it sound better. It puts more power to your speakers, which an amplifier will do more. But the head unit will definitely be an upgrade from a factory sound system unless you have a newer car that already has a pretty good sound system.

And another tip that might be obvious for some people, but for a lot of people they don’t seem to know is don’t max out your speakers, so don’t turn your sound system up all the way. If it hurts your ears, it is going to hurt your speakers. That is a good way to bust your speakers, lets your car has that kind of speaker upgrade where you can turn it up and it does not bother the speakers, then try not to turn it up all the way. That also is not always very fun for a passenger if they are in your car.

Tip for Spotify

If you use Spotify in your car, then this should make your song sound a lot better. If you go to your settings and then you choose music quality, you can actually change the quality of sound that comes out of your speakers right now. Mindset the automatic, but there is low, normal, high, and very high, obviously set at very high. It will scream at the clearest quality. Go ahead and try that. If it sets a low or it set to automatic and it automatically chooses low, if you have not that good of connection, then setting its very high. If you have the right connection will definitely improve your sound.

If you use Spotify, you can also do this whenever you’re downloading songs, you go to download and you hit either normal, high, or very high, very high will take longer to download and will use more data, but very high will sound the best.

That is a great tip to make your speaker sound better if you use Spotify in your car.

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