Tips to make your custom paint by numbers painting look better

You already have a passion for painting by numbers, then. Fantastic! We hope it was fun for you to pick up a new talent, and we know you have some amazing paintings to showcase for it. But how can you improve the appearance of your paint by numbers? So, here are some guidelines for using paint by numbers like this one.

Your paint by numbers painting may develop into a magnificent work of art with enough effort. The idea of paint by numbers is only a beginner’s introduction to the painting technique. However, there are several methods to transform your paint-by-numbers job into a gorgeous, polished work of art. So, let’s glance at our tried-and-true paint by number tips & tactics if you’re wondering how and where to make painting by numbers more realistic. Artists, get out your paintbrush!

  • Make sure that you cover all the numbers

Covering the numbers before painting is one of the finest paint-by-number tricks. If the paint is thin or the hue is a lighter tint, the allocated number just on canvas may sometimes show through. So, hide this with a plain white pencil. If you add another layer that is thicker than the first, the number should cease coming through.

  • Pick the right level of difficulty

You may pick from a wide variety of patterns at Just Painting by Numbers. You’re bound to find a kit you enjoy, whether it features pop art, puppies, or locations. However, keep in mind that certain kits may be more challenging than others, so make an informed decision. If you’re a newbie, we advise beginning with a simpler or smaller kit.  The more expertise you have, the more tough artwork you may choose, which will boost the ante. If you’re up for the challenge, try our most popular cloudy landscape kit!

  • Add some personal touches

Although Paint by Numbers emphasizes following set procedures, don’t you think that occasionally it’s okay to break the rules? If you are secure enough in your guesses, don’t be afraid to deviate from specific numbers as well as colors. Remember: There are no right or incorrect ways to express yourself artistically! So please try to go beyond the fundamental components of the color palette and add unique touches or additional decorations. Let your imagination soar and embrace your creativity.

  • Make sure you’re using the right color twice.

Making sure you’re painting with the right hue is one of the easiest paint by number techniques, despite the fact that it may seem stupidly apparent. Painting may and should be calming, and we know this personally, but it’s all too simple to get into a trance because of this. So have fun, but keep in mind to check the color again before you paint. Keep your eye on the process!

  • Add water to thin your paints

Many beginners to paint by numbers are unaware that acrylic painting is water-soluble. Therefore, if you discover that your paints are excessively thick, dilute them with water. You’ll have more paint at your disposal and can also produce some very fascinating effects by using thinner, the colors look with extra water.

For instance, watered-down acrylic paint’s transparency makes it ideal for portraying the brighter reflections of flowers, leaves, and plants. Before using it on your canvas, be sure to test the consistency on a piece of scrap paper.

  • Pick a sturdy frame for the canvas

Do you want to learn a quick trip to make paint-by-numbers more realistic? All you need to do before beginning is frame your canvas. A strong wooden frame helps keep your canvas drawn tightly even if wet acrylic often causes the sheet to wrinkle and warp. With this personalized paint-by-numbers kit, you can simply prevent any undesirable warping since it comes with a wood. Have your one right now to begin creating your own masterpiece!

  • Blend like an expert

Due to the sheer design of paint by numbers, some colors will have sharp borders around them. Don’t be afraid to softly mix the colors together, however, to give your picture softer, more natural-looking edges. By gently sliding the scrubby brush and forth across the border where the color combinations converge, you may do this flawlessly.

  • Apply sealant

Do you want to learn how to complete paint by numbers so it looks better? All you need to do is apply a sealer, then! It will not only help shield the paint from the outdoors, but it also gives the varnish a shinier and more polished appearance. Only the greatest finishing touches will do for your new masterpiece!

  • Add several more coatings.

Don’t scrimp on painting; use a lot of paint. Our kits provide you a sufficient amount of paint to apply additional coats on top of the base layer. To make the overall picture seem stronger, smoother, and more polished, add more layers if you believe some portions appear streaky or pale. Two thick layers ought to be plenty, but don’t be afraid to apply more if necessary to get the desired vividness.

  • Go for the best custom paint by numbers kit

Purchasing the finest paint by numbers set is the first step in improving the appearance of paint by numbers. You’ll get greater outcomes with a set of higher caliber. Only the highest quality paint & brushes are used in our kits at Only Paint by Number. Animals, abstract paintings, landscapes, are just a few of the many subjects we provide. Additionally, we provide unique kits made from your own picture! Painting a flawless portrait of oneself or your loved ones is practically possible. We also provide additional premium paints for a glossier, more polished appearance.

Final words

Go ahead and get your custom paint by numbers kit. Once you have it, you will be able to adhere to the tips we shared above and get the most out of it. You will surely fall in love with the results offered with it.

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