Tips to Prepare your Airbnb for Families

Everyone is looking for the best vacation, and when it comes to hosting families in your Airbnb or short-stay rental, you need to make sure that your property is going to give them the best experience

Family-Friendly Airbnb preparations locate a location, develop a brand, and find customers how to start a laundromat business with no money. Find a high-traffic site with development potential, brand your laundry service, and provide a consistent client experience to encourage repeat business.

Before Airbnb, it was more difficult for families to go on a vacation. But having their own home away from home with all the comfort and amenities that they’re used to has changed that. Booking an Airbnb is cheaper, gives a family space, the ability to cook meals, and perhaps extra comfort and amenities that they can enjoy away from home (jacuzzi or pool). 

As a host, family bookings are also very lucrative, so catering for them and implementing a few extras will help your business. Plus, a 2022 Vacation rental industry report predicts longer stays because of the flexibility remote workers have.

Invest in an Airbnb cleaning service

All guests expect a high standard of cleanliness, but when it comes to families, housekeeping and cleaning are extremely important. 

Most Airbnb owners find it challenging to keep up with the short turnaround times to tidy up, do laundry, and restock. But it’s such an important service, especially for families, that it’s worth investing in it. The good news is that if you have enough good reviews and steady bookings, you can raise the cleaning fee to an amount that covers professional cleaning services. 

“A cleaning service gives guests the peace of mind that their guests are taken care of not just with general housekeeping, but also with fresh bed linen and towels, and high-quality toiletries,” says Ioanna Hume, Client Relations Manager at Guested Airbnb Property Management.

Another thing to keep in mind: since the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitising the space is more important than ever. Most families will check to make sure that you are following Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process before booking. 

Offer family-friendly essentials 

When your guests are using filters to find you, a good rule of thumb is to add Family/Kid Friendly as an amenity. Another good idea is to add “family-friendly” in the listing title. That way your guests will know that you cater for all their family needs. 

Some furniture to consider for your family-friendly Airbnb:

  • Cribs 
  • Highchairs
  • Stove knob covers, cabinet locks, outlet covers
  • A gate around the pool
  • Washing machine  and dryer
  • WiFi and TV
  • Nappy bins
  • Hardy appliances (touchscreen) and products (less glass, more unbreakable)

Add thoughtful touches

Your place is clean, has all the right baby proofing and furniture in place, but how do you make your Airbnb rental more fun?

To make your space more comfortable for families – and increase your 5-star reviews and ultimately bookings – you need to add extra touches. They don’t have to break the bank, just showing that you care and understand them, will enhance their special holiday time. 

  • Toys and books for the little ones
  • A Netflix account on the TV, for both adults and children
  • Throw rugs for extra warmth and a bit of cosy
  • Free treats and snacks such as chocolate 
  • An automatic coffee machine for the adults and a hot chocolate option for the kids (plus milk in the fridge!)

Plus, don’t forget to create a guidebook tailored to family-friendly activities in the area. This is so important and it will save the parents so much time. You can even consider partnering with local businesses to offer family-friendly discounts. Your guests will love it!


It takes a bit more planning and thoughtfulness to prepare your Airbnb for families, but the results are worth it. Families book longer holidays and if they love the experience you give them, they have a high chance of becoming regular, loyal customers. 

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