The Essential Tools for Outside Sales Representatives

Being in sales isn’t just high rise office deals or lowly cold-calling, many businesses take their sales ventures out on the road. The door to door salesman is long dead, the kinds of things being sold now are far from vacuum machines, to say the least. The power of a single employee with a functional iPad however, has proven too strong to not try to weaponized in some way or another. Think about it, with the right wireless tools an employee has a near limitless ability to make sales while outside of the office. Still, it isn’t a matter of sending out drones in every possible. 

Here’s what you need for a killer outside sales team:

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A fully inclusive sales suite

The fanciest equipment and nicest uniforms won’t do you well if it can’t be utilized effectively. The right sales software seeks to marry the convenience with customizability while also ensuring that all roads eventually lead to a sale being closed. There has to be easy to access commands should the employee need to make adjustments or show more information, it needs to work like a well oiled machine at the same time, with no awkward pauses while you wait for the machine to work. An example of a prominent suit creator, the Salesrabbit outside sales app takes things a step further by making sure all data is synced together and easily shared within your network. Not only will this enable you to track progress of all that’s happening, but will also be able to access information you or your associates may need at any given time. 


Communication is key when trying to keep your team together. Whether it be coordinating a sales strategy within the mobile team or talking to people back at headquarters, Slack fits the role nicely. If a customer asks a difficult to answer questions, there’s no waiting to be transferred or for anyone to pick up the phone. Simply shoot off your message and wait for your near instantaneous response. Slack also helps foster camaraderie with some of its lighter, more instant-messaging type features.

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Google Drive + Google Suite

All of the cloud services offered by Google are magnificent for business people and their teams. Documents can easily be created, modified, and shared all at the push of a button. When you keep all of your files in the cloud, there’s no worrying that you forgot to download an important presentation file while you’re already halfway to the meeting. Since all of their services are free to use they’re perfect for tying a team together. Using Google Sheets to manage things like leads, attempts at conversion, and fulfilled orders keep everyone on the same page and data easily accessible.

 The size and portability of modern technology means you have access to a warehouse, a point of sale system, and a catalog of full of products all in a small device. Modern companies are realizing the relatively low cost and great benefits of being able to make sales anywhere that has cell phone service or an internet connection opens up a myriad of possibilities. One of the biggest advantages of mobile POS systems is that a transaction can be 100% closed much quicker. If you have your very own mobile sales crew, consider looking at all of the various tools out there you can get them to use, some of them change the game entirely.