What Are the Basic Tools Required for SEO?

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a website for your company, only to have nobody be able to find it. Even if your website is several years old, it may not rank well on most search engines. SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial if you want your website to be found by users. 

SEO experts agree that since most customers won’t look past the first page of search results if you want to avoid spending a portion of your marketing budget on targeted display ads each month, you’re going to need to find ways to boost your organic ranking in search engines. 

While SEO can sound complex at first, there are actually several basic tools that make it much easier to tackle. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most common tools you’ll use when optimizing your website for users’ search traffic.

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Website’s performance

One of the first things you’ll want to analyze is how your website performs. Optimizing your website’s performance is imperative if you want to rank higher since Google and other search engines won’t point users to your domain if your website isn’t easy-to-use.

Loading times and page speeds are one aspect that you’ll need to keep tabs on, and Google has a free tool to measure page speeds. This tool will give you loading speeds and also let you know how you can improve your speeds. Each page is scored on a 100 point scale, with 90-100 being the best, and 0-49 being the worst. From deferring offscreen images to removing unused CSS, there are plenty of suggestions Google’s tool will give you to improve your score.


Keywords are the bread and butter of any SEO campaign, and there are a host of free tools to help you better understand how your website measures up against the competition. Keywordtool.io is one such website and helps to come up with hundreds of keywords based on a certain search term. The results it provides are both longtail keywords and shorter keywords and phrases so that you have a good foundation of anchor text to use and link to. 

For example, if you own a shoe store and are focusing on ranking higher for beachwear, you may input the keyword “sandals.” From there, Keywordtool.io will generate a list of different keywords that may be useful for your SEO campaign.

If you upgrade to Keyword Tool’s Pro services, you’ll even be able to see what search volume is for each term and how competitive each phrase is. You can even analyze your competition to see what keywords they’re ranking well for that you might not be.


Another service you may want to consider is linklaboratory. This resource helps you harness data about your website and its keyword performance to create content that drives more traffic to your website and boosts your ranking. For example, Link Laboratory can identify and analyze a wide range of signals that contribute to your search score to shine some light on why you’re ranking the way that you are. 

From there, it’s possible to work backward and create a campaign that addresses your weaknesses while bolstering your strengths so that your website is ultimately viewed more favorably by the search engines like Google.

Basic tools required for SEO image 124444Beyond offering data analytics, Link Laboratory also has a boutique content creation agency to help get your website even more backlinks. Time and again, high-quality backlinks have been shown to be one of the most powerful ways to increase your page rank, so being able to increase backlinks with dynamic content is a surefire option to boost your domain. 

Still confused about how to use these SEO tools to achieve top ten search engine rankings? Let an expert Florida SEO Agency handle the work for you. Many businesses are able to generate substantial growth by hiring an experienced company to manage their organic search marketing efforts.

A website link Link Laboratory implements a wide range of best practices to ensure that all articles, blogs, and pieces of content are well-written, thoroughly researched, and, most importantly, engaging. This means that you get more bang for your buck when you’re using their services since they will take a holistic approach to help you achieve your SEO goals.


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