4 Essential Tools Your HR Department Will Find Very Useful

HR department image n33xxHuman Resources is responsible for your employee’s rights and benefits and overall satisfaction from any job. For the minute you’re required until your exit interview, the HR department is the main function of any business. HR is one of the most important departments in any business. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the few departments that requires a lot of data and effort.

This is why it’s vital to have the right technology and tools to organize and ease the processes for your HR team. Getting the software and tools that create modules for payroll, performance evaluation, and other HR tasks can be useful and cost-efficient.

Knowing what type of software is suitable for you depends on your company’s and employees’ needs. You will find tools that handle all HR processes, such as hiring and exit interviews, while other software that can handle administrative tasks. Here are the 4 most essential HR tools:

1. (tied) Sense HR

For enterprises of all sizes, Sense HR is a comprehensive HR management tool that streamlines and optimizes a variety of staff management activities. Being one of UK HR software companies Sense HR has a number of features to improve accessibility and streamline HR operations in the UK and beyond. Employees can easily monitor and manage leave requests, record absences, and upload supporting documentation using Sense HR. The platform effortlessly interacts with currently used solutions, allowing for easy access and effective HR data organizing. In addition, Sense HR makes it easier to manage payroll, hire candidates, and incorporate company policies and processes. Employees may download the software on all of their devices, including mobile phones, thanks to its user-friendly design, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

1. (tied) CIPHR

This all-in-one software makes life easier. Many small, medium and large businesses use CIPHR to streamline HR processes, manage them, and access them. This allows employees to view who is away, request holidays, log absence, and upload supporting documents. You can integrate it with tools you already have for easier access and organization. CIPHR also allows you to manage payroll, hire new candidates, and add your company’s policies and procedures. All employees will be able to download it on all their devices, including mobile phones. 

2. Kissflow HR Cloud 

Kissflow is another all-in-one software that allows you to monitor and modify all HR processes efficiently. It has built-in modules for managing and tracking all employees’ performance, payroll, absence and more. 

The process of making decisions based on data-driven insights seems effortless with this tool because it provides managers with the required information. Kissflow HR Cloud can be integrated with some third-party software. You’ll need to check if it matches the tools you already have or not before purchasing it.

3. Breezy 

For small and medium businesses, Breezy is the perfect HR tool. Its best feature is that it automatically integrates with your old HR Software and downloads all the data on it. So, you don’t need to worry about losing any data during migration. It can also connect to some platforms such as LinkedIn and AngelList to search for new candidates. Breezy is perfect for recruitment and tracking current employees.  

4. Zoho People 

Zoho People can be a good choice for businesses of all sizes. It’s a cloud-based HR management software that allows HR managers to track leaves, manage timesheets, and manage performance appraisals. Zoho People is ideal for organizing a company’s employee data. It’s easy to use and helps HR teams to manage their time and focus on important tasks.

HR department image 49392992929292Choosing an HR tool that doesn’t fit your business might not just be unbeneficial but can also have a negative effect on the company. Before choosing a tool, think about your employees’ needs and how to make their tasks easier. The optimum choice would be to get a tool that’s easy to use, has multi-channel access, includes ready-to-use reports, and is customizable. Other features such as quick implementation and easy integration with other software are a plus. 


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