Top 10 Blogs For Women Over 60 – You Must Follow

The internet is chock-full of influencers and bloggers. At first glance, most of them seem to target younger audiences. But what about other readers, you ask? As it turns out, there are many women over 60 writing for their peers, seeking to inspire them through personal insights and unique takes on aging with grace and strength. So, here are the top blogs for women over 60 and what makes these platforms worth exploring…

1. Modern60 ( A Blog for Women Over 60)

Modern60 is one of the most holistic blogs you can find for senior women over 60. With well-rounded content from experts and contributors, here you will find tips on health and wellness, skincare, nutrition, exercise, fitness, and more. With the goal of making navigating life’s transitions easier, Modern60 blogs explore the why behind aging-related phenomena so you can make informed decisions. From decoding the aging process to highlighting the right exercises for the target muscle groups, these blogs can be a great resource to help you enjoy your senior years with ease. What’s more? Modern60 offers access to its Senior Discount Club, which can help you save money on various products and services—from groceries to hotel stays. 

2. Accidental Icon

Written by influencer Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon is a blog for “women who live ordinary but interesting lives.” Inspired by her own struggle to find fashion advice for women like her, she decided to start this blog. Here, you can find perceptive pieces on fashion, lifestyle, and work. Consider joining her as she skillfully tackles topics like what grandmothers are “supposed” to wear, dealing with fatigue, and her own experiences with aging.

3. Sixty and Me

Started by Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me is a blog meant for women over 60 trying to find love, manage their money, and build a more independent life. It also features content about games, aging, health, travel, money, life, mindset, relationships, dating, senior discount, and beauty. With the blog, the aim is to create a community of “bold and fearless women” who want to create a new lifestyle. If you enjoy Manning’s work, you can also find her content on YouTube or subscribe to her newsletter. 

4. Grandma’s Briefs

Don’t be fooled by the name. Started by Lisa Carpenter, Grandma’s Briefs is a fun yet insightful blog for women over 60. A grandmother herself, Carpenter shares all things good and bad about her experiences with aging. From delicious recipes to how to introduce grandkids to gardening to beating the winter blues, she has a number of delightful briefs, i.e., snippets and blogs that are sure to keep you entertained and informed.

5. Susan After 60

Fashion has no age, and there’s no one who personifies this better than Susan After 60. On her blog, Susan Street acknowledges the changes associated with aging—from new silhouettes to self-perception. Working on these lines, she shares fashion advice for women of all shapes and sizes. She regularly shares her own looks and the thought process behind them. On the blog, you can find some health advice and insight into Susan’s own health journey, too.

6. Inspire My Style

Another style-forward blog for women over 60, Inspire My Style, has great resources to help you enhance your lifestyle, fashion, as well as your surroundings. Created by Candi Randolph, this blog encourages you to embrace aging as a natural part of your life. Its goal is to help build and keep up confidence with age. Another aspect of life that seems to take precedence during this time is how you express your personal style through your living space. Candi has a background in interior design and home staging, making her blog the perfect source of inspiration to create a space you are truly proud to call home. 

7. Style At A Certain Age 

Run by Beth Djalali, Style At A Certain Age is dedicated to “aging with grace, strength, and beauty.” She draws inspiration from what actress and comedian Bette Davis had to say about aging—that it is not for the faint-hearted. So, the blog brings a brand-new vigor to the world of senior fashion, shifting the focus from looking younger to feeling your best. You can find stellar reads on topics like the best dupes, different ways to style your pants, and closet organization mistakes. Beth also shares photos of her outfits daily, so there’s lots to spark your imagination. 

8. WOW blog

Women’s Older Wisdom (WOW) is a blog run by Pat Taub, a writer and activist. Bothered by the focus on fashion and style advice out there, she started this blog as a safe haven for women to age without the pressure of having to look or feel young. Embracing her age, she shares her personal experiences, wisdom, humor, and other resources to redefine the process of aging. She focuses on enhancing the visibility of older women’s struggles and contributions by discussing topics such as combating loneliness, making peace with relatives, being a new grandmother, solo travel, fueling creative juices, living with aches and pains, finding spiritual meaning, and much more.

9. Train With Joan 

If you think it’s too late to kickstart your fitness journey, here’s someone who will tell you otherwise. Joan McDonald, the face behind, is a 75-year-old woman who started her fitness journey only five years ago. From having to undergo regular treatment for problems like acid reflux, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, she turned her life around with regular workouts and changes to her lifestyle. On her blog and in her book, she shares this journey to help guide other women. For this purpose, she also offers an app where you can find guided workouts, recipes, and more to become the best version of yourself.

10. Linda On The Run

If you have been bit by the travel bug, then Linda’s blog is for you. A luxury travel blogger, Linda started her journey at the age of 65. With her regular posts, Linda is taking her readers around the world and inspiring women her age to get out and explore the world. From vacation tips for Ireland to hiking on Exit Glacier Alaska, you can find travel advice for all outings. Planning to visit Paris? Whether you are traveling with kids or just exploring the city, Linda On The Run’s detailed guides can help you discover everything the city has to offer.

11. Lavender and Lovage

Food can be tricky yet interesting territory to explore in different phases of life. Lavender and Lovage, a food blog by Karen Burns-Booth, brings a nuanced perspective to this aspect of life. As a seasoned traveler, she shares delectable seasonal and all-year-round recipes on the blog. Here, you can also find an assortment of recipes from all over the world. Recognizing the variety of nutritional needs, she also has a range of vegetarian dishes, soups, and salads that are sure to satisfy your palate. 

12. 50 Is Not Old

Run by Tania Stephens, 50 Is Not Old is a blog about reinventing the idea of aging. The fashion and beauty blogger started her blog back in 2015 at the age of 55. Pulling outfit inspiration from major chains as well as boutique brands, Tania is working hard to push away outdated notions of old age. On her blog, can also find information on popular sneakers, dresses, sunglasses, and more. Her detailed style guides come with links, so you can easily find the pieces. 

From fashion and fitness to food and flair, there’s plenty of advice, tips, and insights to cater to your needs in this phase of life. By reading about the experiences of others like you, you can learn what to expect and then make the most of this transitionary period.