Top 10 Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brands & Companies In 2022

Did you know that around 25% of US consumers are making nearly ⅕ of purchases from DTC brands? This is because of the unrivaled marketing strategies that helped them grow at a fast pace. But still, some DTC brands are struggling to expand their reach. Are you also facing the same problem? A DTC marketing agency can help you.

If you are unsure how a DTC marketing agency curates strategies to strengthen your brand visibility, customer acquisition, and conversion, we can help you. We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how some of the leading DTC agencies work and help brands stand apart from the crowd. A DTC marketing agency may make or ruin your business! SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, affiliate marketing, PR, affiliate marketing, etc., are just a few of the many marketing methods that a great agency can help you develop your business. L‍et’s look into the list of top ten DTC marketing brands and companies in 2022.

How do we rate them? We look at the agency’s client list, website domain authority, and our own experience with the agency’s work; we then use these characteristics to rate these agencies. Some of the leading marketing agencies that have worked with Direct to Consumer enterprises are included on this page. Let’s begin!

Here Is The List Of Top 10 DTC Marketing Brands And Companies In 2022

  • Search Nurture

Including organic search, content creation, paid search, and social media advertising, Search Nurture is a full-service digital marketing business. They focus on helping DTC and eCommerce businesses flourish. With this specialization, they may adapt their marketing solutions specifically to particular businesses rather than relying on a more generalized “paint by numbers” approach to their services. You may compete with companies with a higher budget but less sophisticated marketing tactics, allowing your marketing dollars to go further.

  • Titan Growth

Titan Growth is a top digital marketing agency. For over 18 years, they have helped some of the biggest brands in the world expand their traffic, market share, and revenue through our expertise in search engine optimization. Aside from SEO and PPC, Titan Growth also offers a wide range of marketing services to help its clients achieve their full potential.

  • Stryde

Stryde is a DTC digital marketing agency that specializes in this area. They specialize in designing tailored, scalable digital marketing programs for small to medium-size eCommerce enterprises.

As a result, marketing managers and business owners rely on Stryde to:

  • Improve their marketing funnels, audience targeting, and creativity to reduce customer acquisition expenses on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Improve technical SEO and keyword relevance, and work with other websites and bloggers to get links back to your websites.
  • Improve the website’s conversion rates by regularly testing different landing and product pages.
  • Saffron Edge

Saffron Edge is a Newark, New Jersey-based DTC marketing agency. Their efforts are directed solely toward providing their clients with the business growth they require. When it comes to delivering a genuinely exceptional customer experience, they adore and strive to keep up with cutting-edge digital marketing trends. Because of this, they have expanded to employ over 100 creative digital strategists across various verticals, all ready to provide you with an advantage over your competition. Everything they do is geared toward enhancing your online profile, from building aesthetically pleasing websites to crafting engaging content for social media. SEO, PPC, development and design, content marketing, mobile application development, online review management, email marketing, and other company consulting services are part of their extensive offerings.

Their DTC marketing team’s Growth Marketing Campaigns recently came to light when they helped an Organic Food Manufacturer achieve 7.3x ROI with higher product visibility and a massive digital reach. Not just that, during the same period, they helped an Ayurvedic Wellness Supplement Brand with a holistic 360-degree eCommerce growth plan. The supplement brand generated 6.6x ROI from Amazon Marketplace campaigns and could earn higher revenues in a competitive landscape.

No matter how wide a range of services they provide, their goal remains the same that is to increase brand awareness, reach, and deepen client relationships. Not only that, but it goes beyond the realm of commerce. They are entirely open and honest about what they do, and they promise to provide you with the best return on your money. Their goal is to see you succeed, and they will do all in their power to help you achieve that goal.

  • Canal Digital Studio

Canal Digital Studio is a New York City-based digital marketing business. By delivering more visitors, more conversions, better rankings, and faster results, they reduce the stress of digital growth. DTC, SaaS, eCommerce, and Consumer Product brands are the bulk of their clients. Their experts can approach your project from any aspect because they have done it all. In contrast to full-time digital marketing employees, they are marketing insiders who are more knowledgeable, agile, and less hazardous than full-time employees.

  • Groove Jones

Creative technology startup Groove Jones creates next-generation experiences for its clients. They can realize creative ideas by working with them as an agency partner. Their contributions to augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, web GL, and artificial intelligence have garnered numerous accolades and distinctions. Some of the most well-known brands globally are working with them:; Comcast; HP; Ford; IBM; Intel; Mastercard; Lexus; State Farm; Samsung; Under Armour; and Toyota.

  • SEOteric Digital Marketing

As a result of its roots as an SEO firm, SEOteric has grown into a search-first digital agency. SEO, social media, PPC advertising, SEO, and websites are just some of their services to help businesses connect with their customers. Website operations and marketing operations are the two primary sections of their team. Their Marketing Operations team handles customers’ digital marketing initiatives; website design, development, technical support, and hosting are handled by their Website Operations team.

A digital marketing expert is assigned to each customer account to supervise their account. Having a single point of contact for all your digital marketing needs is a huge convenience. Real-time analytics dashboards are provided by SEOteric so that you can keep track of the most critical metrics, such as conversion rates, rankings, traffic volume, and sales. In addition to SEO and Google Ads marketing, SEOteric is known for helping franchises with local store marketing and developing franchise leads.

  • Elevato Digital

Elevato is a pioneer in digital-first solutions, having been founded in 1986. A web development business has evolved into a squad of digital marketing and technology experts with a mission to create quality solutions for the client’s online presence. They can manage any web-based project because they have a team of experienced professionals, many resources, and extensive knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for backend programming, paid advertising, design, or multimedia; Elevato has you covered.

  • Taikun Digital

Taikun Digital is a New York City-based DTC marketing agency. They’ve created over $25 million in net profit for various clientele over the last three years. An official Google Partner Agency, they develop successful campaigns across all of Google’s paid ad channels and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing.

Data-driven tactics and deep expertise are used to produce world-class outcomes. This company’s clients benefit from the insights and experience gained from managing PPC campaigns totaling more than $10 million in ad spend for more than a decade. They deal with small and mid-sized direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies who want to expand while also making a profit and know that the key to success in PPC advertising is a collaboration between the agency and the client.

  • Avalaunch Media

At Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range base, Avalaunch Media’s offices are located. The yeti symbolizes their aim and purpose on their office wall: to “make believers” in digital marketing through quantifiable outcomes. They offer services like SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), PPC (pay-per-click), social media (organic social), and branding. Because they are a Google Premier Partner, brands can be assured that they are the best in the business regarding ad spend management, retention, customer satisfaction ratings, and growth.


Hiring a DTC marketing agency is an excellent option to accelerate your business growth. Not only will it help you build an audience base, but it will also allow you to drive more revenue to your desk. A report shows that the number of DTC eCommerce buyers will reach 103.4 million by 2022, which is a good sign for you. So, it’s best to choose an experienced and reputable DTC marketing agency for better results.

Before initiating your direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns, you must curate innovative ROI-driven strategies. Your strategies must be based upon delivering customer satisfaction, customer experience, engagement, and brand positioning. You must choose a professional DTC marketing company that can help you develop an authentic connection with your customers. Work with experts that can help you build a two-way relationship between your product and your customer. Always remember – the right purpose will help you drive the right profits!

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