Top 10 Employee Appreciation Gifts Your Staff Will Adore

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Only 1 in 3 American workers feel that they have received adequate praise or recognition for a job well done in the last week. It is not uncommon at all for employees in the U.S. to feel ignored and under-appreciated.

When people feel recognized in the workplace, it motivates them. It helps them feel valued and provides a sense of accomplishment.

A motivated staff makes your company more productive, which can boost sales. For this reason, giving employee appreciation gifts routinely can make a huge difference to the success of a company.

Are you wondering what kind of gifts you can give to show your employees you appreciate them? Let’s take a look at ten options.

1. Tea or Coffee Mug

Whether your employees are working from home or they’re back in the office, they’ll need a vessel to help them consume their daily caffeine. Consider getting them a special tea or coffee mug. While it might not be the most original, this classic employee appreciation idea pretty much always hits a home run.

2. Personalized Pen

There’s something special about actually using a pen to write things down now that we have grown so reliant on computers and devices. Having a personalized pen can be a nice, classy token to show your employees how much they mean to you.

3. Notebook

Appreciating your staff is something that you don’t just do once and it’s over. This is an ongoing aspect of keeping a healthy, sane, and productive work environment. While some bigger perks like employee retreats or a fancy dinner out are nice, the little things also count, too.

A special notebook can be a great little gift for employee appreciation day or any other day of the year. This is practical, too, as they can use it to take notes during meetings.

4. Desk Accessories

The space that you work in can have a big impact on your mood, productivity, and morale. For this reason, getting your employees some thoughtful desk accessories can be the perfect gift.

There are lots of options here for less than $25 a pop. Whether you go with desk plants, a coffee mug warmer, organizers, or something else entirely, this is a nice way to help your workers improve their desk space.

5. Professional Massage

Let’s face it: everyone is way too stressed out all the time. This was true before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and it’s certainly true now. For that reason, giving your employees the gift of relaxation can be an awesome way to show that you appreciate their hard work.

Stress is a plague on our lives and can have a negative impact on our work, our home life, and our health. If any of your employees say they’re not interested in getting a massage, they’re probably the ones who need some rest and relaxation the most.

6. Dinner

You can buy your employees a fancy dinner in one of two ways. You can either give them a gift card to an awesome restaurant in town for them to use with their friends, family, and loved ones, or you can take them out for a night on the town.

7. Headphones

One of the challenges of working from home is avoiding distractions. Even if your employees are back in the office, there’s a good chance they are constantly battling the demon of background noise. Consider getting them some high-quality headphones that can help them focus and ignore the hustle and bustle in the background.

8. Team Retreat

Your company culture is an important part of why your business is a success. Setting up a fun, relaxing retreat can be a great way to help people get to know each other better and shake off the stress of the work day.

This doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank, either. While some companies might be taking their team on an all-expenses-paid trip to Moab, there are plenty of options if you don’t have that kind of room in your budget.

For example, consider planning a team-bonding hike for your employees. Pick a day when you can afford to leave the office, get outside in nature, and leave the woes of the workplace behind you.

Here’s a tip, though. Don’t be tempted to try and schedule this type of outing on the weekend or after work. Assuming that people will legitimately want to give up their free time in order to hang out with their boss and their coworkers is a major overreach. The time you lose working during your retreat will be made up 10-fold because of the morale boost such a trip can produce.

9. Multi-Brand Gift Card

Do you have a lot of employees that you don’t know that well? A multi-brand gift card is a reasonable option. This lets them pick the store they want something special from. This means that they will actually get something they want, not just a piece of junk that will go straight in the trash.

10. Chocolate

When all else fails, there’s always the chocolate route. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a nice box of chocolates as a special treat. This is a choice that’s accessible for pretty much all budgets, as you can choose both the size and the quality of the chocolates to fit within how much you’re planning to pay.

Employee Appreciation Gifts: They’re Worth It!

It’s easy to always get stuck looking at the numbers of your business. Money in, money out. When it comes to employee appreciation gifts, though, it’s important to realize that you are legitimately making an investment in the strength and productivity of your company.

When people feel appreciated, they work harder and they stay in the same job longer. If you are overly frugal when it comes to employee appreciation, you’ll find your company culture is lacking and your constantly dealing with turnover.

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