Top 10 tips for comfortable teamwork

The events of recent years have greatly changed the views on the organization of work processes. A few years ago, remote teamwork was a sign of IT business and startups. But today, more and more companies are transferring employees to remote work.

In such conditions, you must know how to properly organize and manage the team. Can the team have high performance outside the office? Yes, but you must effectively organize work processes. Do you plan to launch your business or startup? You must know how to unite your employees. Let’s talk more about it!

Is teamwork important for business?

Inexperienced startup creators often underestimate the importance of teamwork. They think that the main factors of successful development are the unique idea and resources for its implementation. Of course, without sufficient financing, the probability of success is tiny. But meanwhile, there is another important nuance. Effective teamwork is the main one! Your team must be motivated as strongly, as you. It’s the key thing to successful business construction.

Any team can be compared with a living organism in which changes are constantly taking place. Solutions are different. The whole team must constantly develop and strive for a good result. Such behavior will affect the personal efficiency of each employee!

The main reasons for ineffective teamwork

The low efficiency of teamwork is a slow and low-quality performance of the tasks. These are high risks for failure. I believe you don’t want your startup to fail. You must understand well what affects the effectiveness of the team. There are two main reasons:

  • Incorrect organization of teamwork. It limits the knowledge and skills of team members, which, for the most part, is the main problem of management. Incorrect management, rivalry, negative motivation, and conflicts are the main factors to reduce teamwork effectiveness.
  • The priority of the team over individual tasks. When you entrust the team with a task that is more suitable for performing alone, you essentially doom the team to failure.

Understanding the causes of failures will help you avoid making incorrect decisions when organizing teamwork.

10 helpful tips that work!

Creating an effective team is an important task for the leader and creator of a startup or small business. Do you want to achieve the desired result? Do you want to lead a successful project? Then consider the following tips. They’ll help you achieve the desired goals!

Explain goals in a simple matter

Do not complicate the work processes. Set goals and objectives in such a way that every employee understands them. Everyone should understand well why he works here.

Concentrate on the strong qualities of your employees

You can significantly reduce team motivation if you constantly pay attention only to the shortcomings of the team members. According to studies, the likelihood of highly efficient work is six times higher for those who use their strengths daily. We are all different, with our strong qualities, passions, and weaknesses. The success of business development depends on how much a manager will focus on their employees’ strengths and competently combine such people into the team. Remember this every time you assign new tasks to employees.

Motivate employees to discuss current processes

Is there a problem with startup? Talk about it with your team. At first, it’ll be difficult for people to start expressing their opinion, but you can show an example and do it yourself. By asking questions, you’ll gradually involve everyone. Make each technical specialist understand that his opinion is important to everyone.

Forget about the “error” word

“Bring to your team that failure is a kind of new opportunity. Each employee must realize that negative experiences are sometimes ok. The one who does nothing is not mistaken. It’s like bicycle riding, for some it was super easy to learn, and someone had to learn for some time.” said Lucie Chavez—CMO of Radaris

Criticize correctly

Do not use categorical phrases. They can offend the team member. Give the necessary arguments and explain why this decision is unacceptable. Do not forget to offer your own ideas.

Appreciate the versatility

All people have different features of character and thinking. The team must value team members for their professional qualities. They help them benefit the common cause. Do not allocate employees based only on your personal preferences.

Strive for mutual understanding

A friendly and warm atmosphere in the team can increase productivity. How to achieve such an atmosphere? Firstly, this is an increase in mutual understanding between employees. Secondly, you must assemble all employees into a single team using the Team Building methods. The effectiveness of such methods is rather high. Team Building combines the team, turning specialists into a motivated team.

Learn to foresee errors

Your people must see and talk about all difficulties in the process. Teach them not just to do their tasks, but to look for optimal ways to solve them. It is necessary to strive for each member of the team to be responsible for fulfilling tasks. It is better to spend a little more time doing everything right than doing the work badly.

Use corporate services

Be sure to use corporate applications and business tools to create and optimize work processes. Text services for business simplify project management. They help to increase the level of communication and interaction between employees and customers! It would be foolish not to use such opportunities for your project!

Discuss new goals and ideas with all team members

The team discussion of current tasks and new ideas is a great opportunity to motivate employees and increase their inspiration! The higher the team motivation, the higher the result of teamwork. Discussion of current tasks will give effective and interesting solutions!

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