Top 10 Tips to Own Your SEO Audience

For marketers, growing from 200 organic visitors to 2000 within a matter of months is the dream. If you’ve managed to achieve this feat, pat yourself on the back. If not, don’t fret, for there are sure shot methods to get there. 

A lot in the universe of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come to pass, while many old tricks remain the same. For instance, inorganically inserting keywords in any content to improve website rankings does not work anymore, but choosing the right keywords remains essential.

If you are new to audience building through SEO, there is a mixed bag of old and new tips and tricks that can skyrocket sales and keep you on top of competitors. So, don’t be swayed by every SEO trend and fad you read. Instead, refer to this list of the top 10 strategies that enable your brand to lure its target audience with the help of search engine optimization.

Tip #1 Be Choosy with Short and Long-Tail Keywords

Both short and long-tail keywords form the backbone of SEO. These magic words or phrases determine how search engines will rate your landing pages, thus deciding the fate of your brand’s visibility. Remember, nearly 93% of web traffic flocks in through search engines. And, having your web link on the first page matters! 

Choosing the right keyword will help your offerings appear in the right result searches. Therefore, employ an SEO specialist full or part-time to fish out the correct keywords to gain search engine visibility and subsequent customer traction. Also, keep in mind that much like automated email marketing tools, various keyword research tools exist to help you hit the SEO sweet spot. 

Tip #2 Ensure Fast Loading Speeds

Imbibe this dictum – page load speed is cardinal for SEO success. Gone are the days when a brand could get away with slow loading speeds. Today a host of your customers experience flash internet and switch to another browser tab if your page takes more than a couple of seconds to load. Data shows that a mere 1-second delay in loading time can yield a colossal conversion loss of 7%. 

How can I ensure a faster loading speed? Start by dispassionately removing anything that slows down your landing page. For instance, if you use WordPress, deactivate non-essential plugins. Also, put only the widgets your customers need rather than throwing more info than necessary on a single page. Remember, you are fighting a losing battle for organic listings with a slow portal, regardless of how good your content is. 

Tip #3 Provide Links to Other Resources

You will come across a school of thought discouraging the use of links on your blog to other content pages. The argument being that linking takes people off your site. But this is not true! Linking out to other articles and blogs is essential to growth.

Link building adds value for the reader, and it was your landing page that gave them the URL. Don’t flood your content with links. Offer two or three only if relevant. Remember, you can track the links users are flocking to, which means you can accurately learn about their need gaps.

Tip #4 Employ Guest Blogging to Improve Brand Authority

A technique every SEO expert swears by is guest blogging services. Writing for publications whose readership aligns with your target customers can help you carve a niche for your brand and enhance conversions. 

Start by figuring out online channels and websites that are the right fit for carrying your blogs and articles. You can also hire a ghost-writer to create expert-level content that establishes you as an authority in your area. 

Tip #5 Create and Engage with Your Email List

Email marketing is a great way to amplify your SEO results. With the help of automated email software for which you can compare features and prices online, you can encourage users to consume new content on your website. 

One of the most significant advantages of email marketing is that you already have a list of potential and loyal customers to reach out to, instead of relying on cold hits on your landing pages. All you need is to find the right email address and send automated emails for providing gated content – where customers subscribe to your website to read a high-quality article.

Tip #6 There is No Substitute for High-Quality Content 

Let’s face it! Churning out immersive content every other day is a real challenge for most marketers. When ‘Keeping things fresh’ is a routine part of your job, complacency can set in. However, a flailing freshness score will consequently negatively impact your landing page’s search engine ranking.

How do you combat this problem? By creating consistent content with the active participation of your entire team. Educating yourself on customer pain points and accordingly brainstorming on ideas is critical to high-quality content.

Tip #7 Do Not Slack Away on Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions seem inconsequential? They are not! The meta description is the first thing that readers see when Google returns your page. If you are using the same meta description or duplicating content to save time, the search engine will not provide you visibility.

Therefore, invest time writing unique meta descriptions and stay away from copy-pasting them onto other landing pages of your brand.

Tip #8 No Point Employing SEO If You Can’t Analyze Its Success

Deploying SEO strategies without tracking their performance is entirely futile. Use Google Analytics or other web analytics software to keep a tab on where your SEO exercise works and what’s failing.

Apart from site traffic, SEO and web analytics tools show you your site visitors’ digital behavior, how they navigate through your portal, buttons they click, etc. Therefore, it is critical to set up an SEO track and performance system even before launching your landing page(s).

Tip #9 Study Your Competitors 

Always write for users first and SEO later. Therefore, employ not just keywords but also key-phrases and long-tail keywords. But which ones? Rank your keywords against the ones used by your leading competitors. 

Also remember, your competition is ranking their keywords with yours. Therefore, conduct a Google search to figure out who uses the same long-tail keywords as you, and check out their site. 

Tip #10 Make Sure to Earn Backlinks  

A sure shot way to improve SEO is by earning backlinks. These are links that you obtain from other credible websites through posting valuable and accurate information on your site. Back linking drives customer traffic from other landing pages to yours. 

Backlinks also improve your website’s authority. Why? If Google sees a credible site linking to your web page, they too flag your site as genuine and valuable, thus boosting your ranking and helping you reach more leads. 

Over to You

Earning steady traffic and valuable leads is not always easy. But, equipped with these ten tips, you are now all set to chalk out your SEO plan. Follow this starter toolkit to create unique content, acquire qualified leads, drive up organic digital footfall, and subsequently boost your revenue. 

Author Bio 

This post is written by Rohan Mendiratta. He helps marketers with building an engaged audience and increasing their sales via  SendX: Email Marketing Software.  


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